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5 Reasons You NEED Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag training

Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (The Fit Foodie Mama)

About 8 years ago I picked up an Ultimate Sandbag Training for the first time. I was instructed to perform a few exercises with it which were incorporated into my workouts. At first I just looked at it as a tool, like any other piece of equipment that I was using in my workouts at that time. Then, after a while I realized how versatile it was – not to mention extremely portable so I ended up purchasing one for myself to use when working out at home.

Flash forward about 2 years when life (aka kids), no longer allowed me the luxury of being able to go to a trainer. Still, I was eager to continue my fitness journey (aka gettin’ my post-baby body back) so I decided to see what I could do with what I had at home.

Out of my arsenal of tools I was most curious about doing more with my Ultimate Sandbag Training . I recognized the potential for some kick butt workouts which lead me to Googling it to learn more. It was then I discovered that the Ultimate Sandbag Training wasn’t just a tool to use for cool and different exercises, it was part of a system known as DVRT or Dynamic Variable Resistance Training.

Diving in even further I found something that really spoke to me both as a busy mom and athlete and also as a wife of a chiropractor. This wasn’t just the newest fitness fad or fun thing to do, it was designed with intention and purpose – in fact, it’s an education.

If you’ve been a reader of mine long enough you’ll know all the reason that I love and value Ultimate Sandbags and the DVRT System and although I could list a million more reasons than I already have, I decided to ask my fellow Master Trainers what it is about DVRT Ultimate Sandbags that THEY find so unique and valuable.

sandbag training

1. It’s simple science.

Admittedly, I’m not really a “math and science person” and sometimes just the word science itself scares me. That being said, as a wife of a chiropractor part of why I appreciate the DVRT System so much is because it makes understanding biomechanics and functional training so easy.

Our favorite Aussie, DVRT Master Cam Ward describes it this way:

One of the only systems I have seen that has science and the true meaning and understanding of what functional training is. Being able to break down functional movement in an ABC way is a credit to the system.

2. Designed for success.

Easy as ABC not to mention that it’s designed for success.No matter if you are just beginning, coming back from an injury or already able and strong, the DVRT System is truly designed to help you achieve your goals. DVRT Master, Greg Gergely Perlaki of Training Unity says it best:

The whole DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system is so thoughtfully put together that there’s no way you cannot succeed and you do that in such an enjoyable way that is not possible with anything else. My why is it simply feels good and you hit every angle of fitness (mobility, strength, endurance, speed etc) and its portable.

3. Fitness anywhere.

Speaking of portable, there has never been another single piece of equipment like the Ultimate Sandbag that you can literally take anywhere with you to workout at any time. Sure, kettlebells aren’t huge or anything but they’re also quite clunky and not as easy to just throw in the back of your car. Ultimate Sandbag Training on the other hand actually has 5 handles making it conveniently easy to carry and workout with wherever you please….like the track, hill or side of the road, if you wish.

sandbag training

DVRT Master Trainer Dio Vujich of Get in Get Out Fitness actually has a branded saying “#pulloverandlift”. He’s a Texan with a truck that is know for literally training anywhere and showing his clients that transformation is possible even with crazy, busy schedules. DVRT Master Troy Anderson agrees saying that using Ultimate Sandbag Training along with the DVRT System is “accessibility in any context”.

4. Faster results.

One of the reasons why I became so fond of using Ultimate Sandbag Training was because of the results I was seeing. Having to recover and work my way back from not one but two c-sections was much less of a challenge than it would have been if I had not discovered the DVRT System. Not only did it allow me to get in a quick workout while caring for infants but it also delivered faster results that allowed me to be functionally strong both as an athlete and as a mom.

sandbag training

Fellow mom and DVRT Master Michele Meinville Decerio describes it as the “only method I have found to speed up gaining core stability while increasing mobility”.

5. Better quality of life.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, one of the top reasons that you need to start incorporating DVRT and Ultimate Sandbags into your routine is that it helps to improve the quality of life. As I have mentioned before, not only did it help me to make a come back post-baby (twice), it also has been my saving grace in times of injury.

Creator of Ultimate Sandbags and the DVRT System Josh Henkin puts it this way:

We all want our fitness to be purposeful, we want to look good, feel good, and live our lives the best ways possible. However, so many fitness programs are really designed for the gym, not how we live outside of it. The goal with DVRT and using the Ultimate Sandbag is to bridge our physical goals with those of having a better quality of life. There are few things I have ever found that can create the results in the period of time that DVRT does and in such a fun and challenging way!
There you have it – fun, challenging and purposeful. Just more reasons why you need DVRT and Ultimate Sandbags in your life!

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sandbag training