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6 Unsung Benefits of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

6 Unsung Differences Between Ultimate Sandbag Training and Well, Everything Else!

Yea, it is different, it is this bag thing full of sand. Of course it is different!

Unfortunately, most people do see that the Ultimate Sandbag looks different than just about any other strength training tool, but they don’t really know why? I mean, is just that it is full of sand and it is this really odd unstable thing? Eh, I have to give a resounding NO!

The differences of Ultimate Sandbag Training and as I said, just about everything else goes beyond just a “bag of sand”.

#1: It Is Specifically Designed

I get it, I probably would think the same thing. Just throw some handles on a duffel bag and voila, you have the Ultimate Sandbag! The very first version of the Ultimate Sandbag wasn’t too much more than this, but then actually using it, programming with it, and problem solving with the Ultimate Sandbag taught me many important lessons.

Ultimate Sandbag 2005 vs. our 8th Generation Ultimate Sandbag!

Dimension: Imagine if you walked into the gym and barbells all ranged. Some were four feet, others were ten feet, and some the standard seven feet. How about if some were 3 inches thick, some were a .5 an inch. Some of you might say “COOL”! However, it would be very difficult to actually create a program, progress you to your goals, because each barbell would act very differently. Dynamic Variable Resistance Training is very much the same!

How can you create programs, problem solve, and progress in training if we don’t consider the roll of the dimension in Ultimate Sandbag Training. Even in my example of the barbell, it can’t touch what actually happens with the Ultimate Sandbag. As the Ultimate Sandbag becomes heavier, they become larger, when they become larger their ability to do a host of things change. From being more varying levels of instability to challenging movement. You have to consider dimension and use it to your advantage!

#2: Can Be Gripped So Many Different Ways

Most people do the unfortunate of treating the Ultimate Sandbag like a barbell, kettlebell, or something they are familiar with. However, the truth is that the handles and the way you grab onto the Ultimate Sandbag changes the outcome of the exercises and programs.

You need to know why, why are you holding the Ultimate Sandbag a specific way, why you are using certain handles, and how this can change the intensity and potential of an exercise. Why do people struggle with Ultimate Sandbag Training? Mostly because they never consider these VERY important items.

How you hold the Ultimate Sandbag changes the exercise!

#3: They Are Imperfect

Getting the industry to move from machines to free weights was definitely a move in the right direction. Teaching people to move more efficiently and to use their body in the right ways can save so many from the common problems in the gym. It makes for more effective and efficient workouts, so why do anything different?

Years ago, Pavel Tsatsouline, wrote about “grooving” a movement. In essence, using moderate loads and practicing the movement with a high frequency would do wonders in building your maximum strength and spare your body. The idea works! Well, sorta.

When it comes to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, grooving a lift can be very hard. That is because the dimension of the Ultimate Sandbag changes an exercise, the level of instability of the Ultimate Sandbag itself, all changes an exercise. In other words, every repetition is different! You work harder and smarter every set.

Does this mean you can’t get better? Of course not, learning the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag teaches you how to move better and where your weaknesses lie! You can’t hide, you can’t compensate with Ultimate Sandbag exercises. They are what corrective exercise expert, Gray Cook, calls self-limiting. The Ultimate Sandbag teaches you more about correct movement than anything else!

Next time we will talk about the three more even less known benefits of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Want to know A LOT more and how to excel in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? Then get our NEW DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training book and when you do, you will receive our DVRT Foundations download for FREE! Truly giving you power through knowledge! CLICK HERE