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7 Better Power Clean Exercises

7 Better Power Clean Exercises-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

You should have seen it, it was kinda my dream come true. I had my own private fitness studio. Decked out in the coolest equipment most could imagine. If you could think of it, chances are it was there. Every crazy, cool looking bar, strength tool, conditioning piece, it was pretty sweet. You think I would be pretty happy with it, but after a couple of years of having things JUST the way I thought I wanted it, I began to hate it! 

There was something missing. No, it wasn’t the twentieth different type of barbell, or the newest version of a kettlebell, it was something deeper, something more subtle. 

I had become a master collector of tools, but not a master craftsman. 

Sure, I could coach you on how to do this or that exercise really well, but I wasn’t making people better. Largely because I was substituting progression, programming, and overall purpose for just another piece of equipment. 

It was downsize time and I began to sell pieces off that I didn’t think really made my programs smarter or better. It was tough at first because I had so longed thought that the quality of my training and facility was dictated by the amount of cool things I had in it. Yet, I was also excited about the thought of getting things right!

What do I mean? Really gaining an awareness so I could see how any change we made to a workout or program would make my client better, take them a step closer to their goals. No longer did I want the emphasis to be on the equipment, rathe the outcomes. 

You know what? That is just what happened. Clients were having more fun, getting better results, and to be honest, I enjoyed the training far more as well. 


It was obvious that our training was gaining more purpose, better direction. We weren’t doing something different or new to satisfy variety, but because it meant something, it worked on making people better. 

ultimate sandbag training



DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t a sandbag program, it is a solution to your fitness needs!



That is really how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training began to grow more and more. How could we use a seemingly simple tool and create more and more solutions for people. Nothing makes me more sad than seeing people use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training just for variety. Yea, a crazy exercise there, or a “hey, saw this on Youtube” exercise there. Rather, making people really think, really become engaged in their own fitness journey. 

I often tell people at our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications that the goal is not perfection in that weekend. Instead, I want them to take the opportunity to become more aware of their own bodies. How they move, where they are weak, where they are strong, things they need, things they do really well. This exploration of movement changes the emphasis from just plain sweating to something much deeper and more meaningful. 

It also opens up creativity, but not just in the sense of doing more “stuff”, rather finding how we can challenge movement and make our training much better and stronger. That is why videos like today are easy to misunderstand. This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series looks at how we take an exercise and expand its movement capabilities. After all, being strong up and down is great, but life is far more complex than that. See how you can get on a path of fitness enlightenment simply by opening up your mind and seeing where real movement strength can take you!