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8 Best Exercises to Boost Your Real Strength

I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried yesterday posting about our new Progressive Kettlebell Program!  I was truly hoping people would be open minded about how to get more out of one of our favorite tools, kettlebells. 


The reaction has proven that people are willing to think differently, but I also think there was a lot of surprise. Like, are we jumping ship on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and just going kettlebells now! 

Heck no! 

What I have always wanted from day one was to help people understand how tools work together. Instead of having these weird, really separated worlds, where people have great tools but consider them non-related. I wanted to help people to see how using the RIGHT tool can help you progress so much faster and is often the answer to a problem of how do you get better at something else. 

A great example is today’s training video. Rotational training is key and still under served by most functional training programs. The danger of course is the really odd, novel, and social media circus trick that gets people hurt. Then rotational training gets a bad name. 


The reality is you HAVE to know how to rotate and more importantly, you have to know how to teach people to rotate well. That is why I put together in a sequential manner, EIGHT great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and PKM drills to help you understand how these tools help one another. 

It is all about layering smarter movement over time and in my heart of hearts believe Ultimate Sandbags and kettlebells are the answer. The tough part is fighting yourself to go immediately to the “cool” looking drill that catches your eye. Start and the beginning, learn how to move through your hips and not your back. Watch how I never lose my planks and keep force into the ground, be aware how I never lose the positions of my shoulders. 

The details are ALWAYS the reason an exercise works better and what these functional training tools can teach us about our movement is what REALLY gives them power. Not that they were used in Russian, ancient Babylon, or Sokovia (yes, an old reference here at DVRT), but that used with the right intent, you can learn and feel so much of a difference in your strength and fitness. 

Check it out and don’t miss the chance to see our NEW Progressive Kettlebell Movement programs HERE