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Ultimate Sandbag Training Warm-ups That Actually Work!

sandbag training

I’ve written before that warm-ups are the last thing people really went to spend their precious training time performing (READ HERE). I am not unsympathetic to such a feeling as I know how boring most warm-ups can be.

When I first learned of corrective exercise back in the late 90’s (yes, make you are old jokes here), I totally bought into the idea that I had to do so many soft-tissue exercises, activation drills, and stretches that my warm-ups took my 45 minutes! Like you might guess such a thing is not only crazy, it is something that won’t create adherence to any form of program.

The ONLY thing that would have gotten me to keep doing them but to be hones, I was just following what others had told me was important. The reality was I couldn’t tell much of a difference in doing and not doing my warm-ups in the performance of my workouts. I had good reason to want to do these warm-ups as well as it was at this point of my life that my low back was bothering me the most!

What I didn’t realize was simply how warm-ups could be used effectively and efficiently in workout programs. The MOST important parts of warm-ups is that you feel a big difference in how you are able to perform your workouts. Let’s be honest, if this isn’t the case then you probably won’t stay with them or really be as prepared to train like you want to in order to achieve your goals.

sandbag training

During our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Restoration program this weekend I taught people great pieces to the puzzle of making great warm-ups. While many of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Restoration drills can be used for strength, they also make such an immediate impact upon the quality of someone’s movement and mobility they are so ideal for a warm-up.

That is because most of us need to “wake-up” a lot of muscles that go dormant from sitting in chairs too much, previous history, and unbalanced training programs (heck, we have all been there!). We are talking about using drills that not only use the big muscles of the body, but those really deep spinal stabilizers that work reflexively to help stabilize our body and allow the big muscles to really do their work!

So, what makes these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills so much more effective that what we typically see in many activation drills? We have to start with the fact that we are trying to not just train muscles, but chains of the body. One of the most misunderstood fact of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that we are just trying to hit the body like everything else. Well, you can’t improve the function of the body if you don’t know how the body actually functions.

sandbag exercises

That means we look at how the body produces movement and we know the body has very specific chains that create such movements and strength. In order to be real world strong, you don’t worry about just training the muscles, but how they work together and the timing of these muscles.

One of the bigger ones you have heard me talk about and we go into so much depth in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Restoration programs is the Lat/Core/Glute connection. This is also known as the Posterior Oblique Sling System. This connection of the lat, core, and opposing glute is a big part of how we stabilize our bodies while we walk and run which we often forget are very complex movement patterns.

sandbag exercise

Such a thing sounds so simple, however, when we teach people how to connect this chain it even blows me away how their shoulders, hips, and well, pretty much everything move better. It seems like a magic trick but it is just us trying to apply the science that physical therapists have known for years and even a lot of them miss in creating healthier, stronger, and better movement.

The second idea is how we connect these chains with our Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises we are also creating tension. When we look to create tension at these specific chains this build stability and therefore allows us to produce more effective and efficient strength. As I often say during our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training courses, tension is stability, stability is strength.

That might be familiar to some but we aren’t just getting “tight” we want to create force specifically into the ground or against the Ultimate Sandbag. So, when you see us use the Ultimate Sandbag we aren’t just adding load to these exercises the more important point is that we are specifically creating tension against the Ultimate Sandbag to improve this quality.

This may all sound good, but what does it look like? During the second day of this past weekend’s course I showed the class how easy it was to apply these concepts in a practical setting. Today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video is a great example of how we take something that sounds interesting and put it into practice. The amazing part is that you feel like you are working, you are being productive, you can “feel” it, and oh did I mention it only usually takes 5-10 minutes to accomplish all of this?

If it sounds too good to be true trying this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series for yourself and see how much warm-ups can become fun and effective!

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