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95% of Diets Fail, Find Out Why!

Of all the topics that I feel least comfortable discussing, nutrition might be the most! Not because I am unfamiliar with helping clients develop plans, or haven’t researched a million different diet programs myself. Instead, mostly because I realize nutrition is A LOT more than telling people what to eat.

When I would work with clients about their nutrition it wasn’t as though they were unaware that fruits and vegetables were good for them and fast food, or highly processed foods weren’t. I knew there was something much deeper than just telling people what to eat.

Quickly I began to realize that nutrition was largely about habits and understanding how emotion related to such habits. That made me see that I was ill prepared to really help people feel successful and unwind the great amount of complexity that nutrition really posed.

Fortunately, when I realize I am a bit outside of my professional lane, I am able to find REALLY good people who can help. So, you can imagine I was pretty excited when several years ago I was introduced to nutritionist, Leslie Schilling. Within a few moments of speaking with Leslie you realize why she had been the “go to” for professional athletes, high level performers, and many times, those with eating disorders.


Leslie COMPLETELY changed my view on nutrition and even with good intentions I was building dysfunctional habits that would only lead my clients to fail. Just like learning an exercise, training tool, or method, I started to see that becoming great at a complicated topic like nutrition requires real expertise.

You can imagine how excited I was then when Leslie agreed to be a part of our Power & Resiliency Summit. How does nutrition fit into such a summit? I think it has EVERYTHING to do with it! Heck, Leslie even explains how one of the professional athletes she worked with fell prey to common diet misconceptions and it was hurting his performance BIG TIME!


I told the attendees of our summit that Leslie by herself was the value of attending. That is why I am so happy we can offer her presentations to those that weren’t able to fly out to California to learn with us. What does she discuss? How about the following ideas as just the tip of the iceberg…..

-Why research has shown us that 95% of the time diets will fail us in a 3-5 year time frame.

-How we are far more complex than “calories in and calories out” and not understanding causes metabolic damage.

-Understand how the recommendations and even habits of many fitness professionals actually leads to disordered eating.

-What do we actually have to do in order to help people manage their nutrition and find out what being “healthy” really means.


Not only can you check out a clip from her presentation below, but you can check out a great interview I did with Leslie HERE.

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