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Who Is The Ultimate Sandbag™ For?

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What Is The Ultimate Sandbag™?

ultimate sandbags

The Only University Tested And Proven Means Of Improving Your Fitness Level

The Ultimate Sandbag is the ONLY University Tested and PROVEN means of improving your fitness faster than other strength training tools! The Ultimate Sandbag was created to give you a phenomenal fitness experience in a short amount of time. This isn’t a sales pitch, but science as the Ultimate Sandbag gives unique instability demands that make more muscles work each repetition.

Why Is The Ultimate Sandbag™ Unique?


It’s Not Fitness Equipment, It’s The Ultimate Solution

Improves Flexibility, Core Strength, Endurance and Real World Strength In Minutes

Improved Fitness Faster

Sounds like a bad weekend infomercial, but DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training delivers because it is based on the science of human movement. The real world nature of the Ultimate Sandbag and our DVRT program trains your body as it was designed to perform!

Works With Natural Body Movement

Over 400 exercises don’t just train the muscles of your body, but the natural function of your movements. Training the body in natural ways makes it more resilient to injury, perform better, and deliver superior fitness results!

Therapeutic Relief

Most people don’t exercise because they think they have to hurt to get results. Our program is designed by not only top fitness professionals, but therapists as well. The goal is to make you move, live, and feel your best!

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Unique Features Fast, Effective and Ultimately The Best!

We Don't Just Sell You A Bag

The DVRT™ Fitness Program

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) is the most natural way to train. Why? The DVRT program and Ultimate Sandbag are designed to meet the way the body naturally moves. This means it can accommodate any fitness level and possess endless versatility. The highly engineered Ultimate Sandbag is your key to moving, feeling, and living better! In fact, it is the ONLY fitness sandbag to be found by a university to be more effective than even the most popular fitness tools. DVRT has become an essential part of rehabilitation clinics, military units, sports performance programs, and fitness facilities in over 80 countries worldwide. Find out how this incredible fitness program helps people see fitness differently. Find out how it can change YOUR training and results!

Get DVRT™ Certified

There are a lot of different certification programs out there in today’s fitness world. Some teach you how to use a piece of equipment, some try to motivate you, few actually try to teach a comprehensive system of delivering extraordinary results! DVRT™ programs promise to completely change how you see fitness.

Which Ultimate Sandbag™ Is For Your Fitness Goals?


We Have Ultimate Sandbag™ Solutions For All Fitness Types.


Choose The Right Ultimate Sandbag™ For You


Loadable To 10-40 lbs

Most Used By:
First Time Users
Home Users
Bootcamp Goers

core bag


Loadable To 5-20 lbs

Most Used By:
Corrective & Rehab Exercises,
Rotational Movements,
Beginning Women
Bootcamps & Youth Groups

power bag


Loadable To 10-40 lbs

Most Used By:
Rotational Training
Movement Based Exercises
Intermediate Women
Complex Movements


Loadable To 20-50 lbs

Most Used By:
New Users
Home Training
Young Athletes

strength bag


Loadable To 40-80 lbs

Most Used By:
Beginning & Intermediate Men
Advanced Women
Crossfit WODs

burly bag


Loadable To 60-150 lbs

Most Used By:
Intermediate to Advanced Men
Advanced Women
Crossfit WODs
Strongman Type Training

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"All my life I have been overweight, when I was in high school I was over 230 lbs, Poor Diet and nutrition, In Nov 2010, I was 27 years old and the largest I had ever been in my life at 336 Lbs, something needed to change, I was told by several doctors that I would develop Diabetes and was in very poor Health. I decided to change my diet and start doing a morning Routine, which was in part based on Power 90 (the basic version of what would become P90X) I lost 30 lbs, but got stuck, Frustrated and bored with the content, I needed something more. I then got a Bowflex Utlimate 2, off Craiglist for a good price ($800) I used this for some time and had some more progress, I was down about 40 lbs but still not having great progress. down about 40 lbs but still not having great progress. Then by chance I saw an ad for USB on a fitness site and decided to look into it, It just seems more interesting and more versatile then traditional weights or workout equipment. I decided to get my Strength Package and I can honestly say it was some of the best money I ever spent on my health, USB bags are built to take any kind of punishment you can dish out, I had tried using a backpack with contractor bags full of sand, they just blew open after a while, the bag is rock solid, and it will make you rock solid!

6 months went by and now a full year after I started I am 246 lbs (lost 90 lbs) working my way toward 100 lbs still. I use the sandbag 3 times a week, I do segments of cardio followed by power lifting the bag with squats and dead lifts. I burn 1200 calories a work out using the sandbag and its one of the only pieces of fitness equipment I recommend to others and use over and over and never get tired of it. It's waiting for me in the gym, like a good friend, wanting to challenge me and bring me to become the best I can!"

Gabriel Duff

3-D Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

It is a huge fear that I have with people using our Ultimate Sandbag workouts. That they just see something cool, but they don’t really understand the why’s. You might wonder why I would care, don’t I just want you using the Ultimate Sandbag? My goal is that you gain great power from our Ultimate… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Training for Obstacle Course Races

Ian Vaughn, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Master Sometimes all it takes to fix poor movement techniques are simple coaching cues. In my last article (click here), I talked about how Obstacle Course Races (OCR) can make you better in your fitness journey and real life goals conquering obstacles. However, OCR events can get addicting and… Read more »

Get Your Mojo Back After 40!

DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe, (DVRT Over 40 Creator)  Have you lost your MOJO? Why does this happen as we age? Remember the days in your 20’s? Too much energy. Not many responsibilities. Endless time in your days. Do they seem like a distant memory to you now right? I know a lot of my clients,… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Exercises For Crazy Core Strength

When I think of all the Ultimate Sandbag exercises possible there is a short list that seems to a “go to” for people. Now, these aren’t the best, they aren’t the only, they CAN be important building blocks for many people though. One of those Ultimate Sandbag exercises that seem to get so much attention… Read more »