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A Doctor’s Recommendation On Health & Happiness

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If I have a regret after coaching for over 25 years, it is probably that for a good portion of that time I didn’t realize what people REALLY wanted. I would hear all the time the very common goals of wanting to “lose body fat”, “get in better shape”, “become stronger” so since those were goals I thought we were chasing after, I never thought twice.

Now, all this time later I realized those really weren’t the goals. Sure, people wanted to accomplish those things, but the reason wasn’t because they wanted to lose body fat or the like. Those things represented means of becoming happier. Of course I thought people would feel better if they achieved those goals, but I never thought about they were hiding bigger issues through those goals.

How do I really mean? If they struggled giving up some nutritional habits that weren’t conducive to their goals I thought it was just being difficult or weren’t dedicated. The truth is that I didn’t realize they were battling issues that were WAY bigger than if they wanted to achieve their goals or not.

One of the people that really helped me start to change how I saw my own life and those of others was a good friend of mine, Dr. Mark Force. If I had to describe Dr. Force really quickly to someone I would probably tell them that he is the real life “world’s most interesting man”. Not because he would live a lavish lifestyle, but his perspective on life, health, training, nutrition, and so forth is always so interesting because he has a deep knowledge of science, but also just thinks about people in the most thoughtful ways.

This isn’t Dr. Force, but he might be related;)

I had the pleasure to know Dr. Force for almost 20 years and for over 10 years I feel so lucky to have Dr. Force treat me and I credit him with helping me with my health so much, but also giving me perspective on health and life that I appreciate even MORE now as I get older. So, I thought it would be a perfect time to bring him to our DVRT community (honestly, I do NOT know why I haven’t had him on sooner!!!)

So, today I have part 1 of a conversation with Dr. Force, we cover a lot of important foundations about health and happiness, but I also wanted to give you guys a chance to hear a very honest and well informed perspective. If you like what Dr. Force has to share, I hope you will check out his website HERE and send us questions you may have to info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com where we can bring your questions to Dr. Force as well in future episodes.

Check out the audio of part 1 HERE

You can check out more at DrForce.com

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