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A Lot More Than a Workout

It is almost a blur, but I just returned from three days in Arizona and my future instantly got brighter. There is no doubt that I will have better results, make fewer mistakes, and see the fruits of my labor multiply beyond anything that I could have ever expected. I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s true.

No, I did not spend the last three days in a Sedona vortex… although that doesn’t sound half bad.

I did, however, tap into a very powerful source. One so strong that successful people around the world take full advantage of it all the time. What is it?


“Bringing Strength to Life” is not tagline, but a way to inspire the best in ourselves to accomplish things we thought never possible. 

That’s it. That is the number one secret to success that is completely overlooked.

We can often be mystified by how fitness programs that seem based on so little science or quality training can actually produce results! A lot of this has to do with the fact, that while they may not understand exercise, they do understand how to build communities that support each other. 

For myself, I thought how cool would it be if we could actually combine strong community with really smart training? That is why I spent the last three days in Scottsdale with Josh Henkin and the rest of the DVRT Master Instructor’s creating new bonds, strengthening old ones, learning from each other, and game planning on how to make DVRT even better than it already is…which is challenging to do.

People may think DVRT is about a “sandbag” but the reality is it is something so much bigger. It truly is finding the best ways to make fitness change people’s lives, why we say DVRT is “bringing strength to life!” In order to do so we have to take the right steps to being successful, that begins with something so simple. 

When we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who share many of the same goals and belief systems, our comfort level increases and we become more productive. There’s a greater desire to hold each other more accountable, and also have someone to lean on when we need that extra drive and motivation.

It’s common knowledge among trainers and coaches in the fitness industry that individuals who experience the greatest results, whether it’s losing 25 pounds or dead lifting double bodyweight, involved themselves in some fashion into a community environment.

Do you want to get better results with your Ultimate Sandbag workouts?

Start your own local fitness community. Grab some friends or coworkers and make a commitment to get together once a week for a workout. When exercising once a week gets easy, add in a second workout each week.

Fitness isn’t about a workout, or even losing weight. It is how it can better your life for yourself and those most important to you!

Post your favorite workouts on the DVRT Fitness Facebook page HERE, and “like” or comment when others post theirs. It’s always great to see the many ways the DVRT family is implementing the system. Spread the love! We love seeing and hearing about your training and goals.

Actively get involved with DVRT. If you haven’t yet taken a workshop or certification (you can see 2015 taking shape HERE) , then connecting with others in a live environment can be rewarding on so many levels. Not only will your technique improve, which will make your workouts more effective and produce even better results; you also have a great opportunity to network with other individuals that implement the DVRT system.

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is all about finding solutions. It doesn’t matter the goal that you come into wanting to achieve, DVRT is designed to how to help you most effectively and efficiently accomplish that goal! 

Spending time in Arizona with the other Master Instructor’s fired me up and fueled my passion for DVRT and it’s future. The sense of community we all felt this past weekend provided evidence that when you bond with others through a common goal, therein lies true strength.

ultimate sandbag training


The inevitable feeling when DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training helps you do more than you ever thought was inside. 

How are you going to harness the power of community?

Seth Munsey is a DVRT Master Instructor and owner of Iron Republic in Monterey, California. You can visit is website http://ironrepublicstrong.com for more information on how he transforms lives.