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A True Superhero Challenge Workout

Batman V Superman  

Prepping for our annual Easter camping trip I was walking through the supermarket loading up with supplies.  Whilst walking down the snacks isle I came across a packet of Doritos chips that had a promotion for the launch of the new Batman V Superman movie now running in Australia.  


Don’t worry, I just looked at them, no munching on Doritos for this endurance athlete!


HMMMMM I could do something with this….

Within the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training community there is a love for super heroes. How can you not?! Their physical attributes while seemingly superhuman are things we could try to have fun training in real life!  

Back at the Master Instructors summit in October we put together a solid DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout called Batman V Superman.  Challenging all plans of motion, this workout will make you appreciate what it takes to be a superhero.

The workout is a 10min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible), the loads and Ultimate Sandbags are listed below and can be broken into 2 for a challenging session. 

Batman 10 mins followed by recovery and then into Superman 10 mins.

Good luck.



BATMAN (Beginner-Intermediate) 

Power Ultimate Sandbag (Men 35lb. – Women 25 lb.)
Front Loaded Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press – 3 per side
Lateral Step Row to High Pull – 3 per side
Around the World – 6 per side


SUPERMAN (Intermediate-Advanced)
Strength Ultimate Sandbag (Men 50-60lb. – Women 40 lb)
FL Offset Grip Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press to Balance Step – 3 per side
Alternating Crossover Step Row to High Pull – 3per side
Shovelling – 6 per side


Train smart, train with purpose


Cam Ward

DVRT Master Instructor Australia