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3 True Superhero Workouts!

sandbag workouts

James Newman, DVRT Master Instructor (Owner of Quest Fitness, Guilford CT)

As a lifelong superhero and comic book fan all the movies and shows that have come out bringing superheroes to life has been something that I have loved. Especially building that connection with my son as we have a tradition (outside of COVID times) where he and I make a special day of seeing the new movies together. Having him not only share a love of mine but seeing that even superheroes sometimes fail and need to overcome I think is an important lesson that any of us can appreciate.

It is a concept I take seriously at my gym, Quest Fitness. Most people don’t come to the gym thinking they are going to dominate a workout, they believe that they can’t succeed at fitness. That is why I consider one of the first jobs of any good coach is to create workout programs that put people in a position to succeed so that they can see that fitness is something they can feel good about and experience positive changes.

Anyone can make a workout to just make you tired or super sore, that doesn’t equal success. A good workout program is progressive, thoughtful, and based on good training principles. That is why DVRT has been such a big part of what we teach at Quest because we have so many avenues to accomplish those coaching goals. We can be challenged, but at the same time learn how to use our body in smarter and more efficient ways is how we unlock true power and strength.

Being a gym that bases much of our training on group work, these ideas don’t stop just because we have more people to work within our training. Rather, DVRT gives us the ability to provide a customized feel to our group workout programs because it is so easy to change some key variables that allow us to make a drill a bit more accessible, or raise the intensity a bit without having to go grab another weight or another tool. By focusing on these key concepts we can achieve well rounded workout programs that provide people that success, but also excite them for where their training can go.

-Load Position

-Body Position

-Plane of Motion

When we add the above 3 concepts to our workout programs we all of a sudden get almost endless ways to make a few pieces of equipment into a full gym that can fit any fitness level. Sounds too simple, but it does take practice coaching, it does take time to change how we are all taught to think about creating workout programs and do it better! I don’t use DVRT for my gym for any other reasons than it provides us a solution to our clients’ goals better than anything else and it helps us bring the science of training to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life. THAT is why I use DVRT, not to promote a specific tool or to be anything other than a place where anyone can achieve great results!

Providing DVRT workouts like these I hope to give you the inspiration to learn the system and truly spend time with the Ultimate Sandbag so that when you use it with the right intent, it gives you so much more back in return! In many ways, DVRT reminds me of the journey of that superhero, one that doesn’t realize how powerful they actually are until they gain the right mindset and focus within.

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