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A Whole NEW Way To Train At The Gym

Things are going to be different, possibly for a long time! No matter your views of what is happening in response to the virus, the reality is the expectation that a fitness professional is going to keep people safe has never been more important. That means that how we work with people and the business model we have used for years will probably have to change. While that may seem like a challenge and overwhelming, I can tell you EVERY business has to learn to pivot and change here and there. No, not with the tragedy this pandemic caused, but the businesses that last are those that can adjust.

It was this idea that drove us to do something to help. Ever since I began coaching 25 years ago, I always thought I was providing a solution to a problem. Whether that was helping people feel better, increase their confidence about themselves, or help them build healthy habits, it was always about solving an issue.

sandbag training

The same philosophy is what drives us in DVRT. Our goal isn’t to have you just use the Ultimate Sandbag, we wanted to give you a better way of training and achieving results. Of course that meant offering more than a tool, that is where our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT) came into the fold. My goal was always to have the concepts and principles of DVRT not only guide how we use the Ultimate Sandbag, but any type of strength training tool (you can see that represented in our Progressive Kettlebell Certification and L.I.F.T. Certification).

Now that training is going to have to be very different, I think what we have taught since 2005 with DVRT is going to be a huge solution for so many gyms, coaches, and those that want to achieve their results but want to be safe at the same time. Most gyms are going to adapt “pods” in order to train multiple people and respect the safety changes we are being asked to implement.

What is a pod? Think of a square that surrounds an individual and keeps the distance of 6 feet or more around the individual. That means that clients can’t be rotating stations or sharing equipment, and freely move around the gym. So, what do we do? How do we NOT sacrifice the quality we want to provide people and yet, keep them safe?

sandbag workouts

Impact Athletic Performance is doing a great job of helping people be fit but also safe with these pods. 

The truth is that we already possess the tools to do an exceptional job, and may forever change what we THINK we need to create great fitness results. Tools in of themselves aren’t functional, but with the right intent we can see which tools possess the greater ability to be versatile, challenging, progressive, and help us achieve all of those functional fitness goals.

This thought process resulted in us thinking about which tools we would prioritize and how would we use them to be a solution. Since we can’t have people rotating equipment or stations, we need tools that can be used a lot of different ways, for many different fitness goals, but also be reasonable for gyms to outfit. Such thinking led us to mini bands, superbands, kettlebells, bodyweight, and of course, Ultimate Sandbags.

Since the pandemic shut down, everything we have been using these ideas to help people train smarter at home. Now we can use very similar ideas for the gym as well. Of course some may wonder can you REALLY get strong from such training? We’ve seen the great results possible by our online training clients using these strategies to deal with such an unusual time.

Pamela M. can now squat pain free after years of struggling to do so. Hillary B. has hit personal bests during this time even though she has had her own gym for years. John R. said he has better control with his lunging, squats feeling stronger, and OH press feels better.

This means we can achieve A LOT with very little, check out the workout below by physical therapist, Jessica Bento.

Not being able to be outdone, here is one I loved that showed similar ideas!

We wanted to share more with you on how to create great solutions like these so we developed our new DVRT pod workouts. This is full of 1 year worth of workouts, over 350 exercises, AND we have a regression for every drill so that every fitness level can be helped and gives you ideas on how easy we can modify our training to help anyone that wants to better their lives.

This is a special program because we know how much people are looking for guidance during this time. So, we are offering a special launch price as well as a powerful warm-up program to go right along with it for THIS WEEK only! We are offering this special price with 25% off as well when you use code “save25”. Our hope is that this can inspire, motivate, and help you rebuild back to a track of normalcy and have confidence we can train people smartly and safely. Go HERE for our new program!