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An Awesome Total Body Strength Challenge

sandbag fitness equipment

In normal years, the end of the year typically is a difficult time keep people motivated. I would often battle to keep clients on track because of the holidays. Of course in 2020, the challenges feel even greater and without a real purpose or goal, it can make it feel even more difficult to stay on track. That is why we wanted to not only come up with a fun way to keep our DVRT community working on positive habits, but also to give purpose to their training.

What physical therapist, Jessica Bento and I came up with was a DVRT November challenge workout. This workout was going to be different in the sense it is a challenge only with yourself. We will get to our great incentive to give this challenge a try, but let’s explain what it is first.

Yes, this is a challenge workout meaning it isn’t meant to be done very frequently, but more of a measure of how your training is helping you accomplish some goals. We of course didn’t want to make something JUST to make you tired, making people tired from training is easy, making people better is more challenging. That means there are important elements of stability, strength, conditioning, and mobility. So, there is great purpose behind the exercises and programming of this challenge workout.

ultimate sandbag workouts

We wanted to also have a challenge workout that reflected important aspects of DVRT in how we build functional fitness in unique ways and demonstrate that strength is more dynamic than most people think! That is why we chose 4 DVRT movements that give you so much feedback upon what you should be focusing upon as well as where you are improving.

Okay, so what are those exercises?

-Lateral Plank Drags

-Shoulder Sprinter Squat

-Clean and Press (push press)

-MAX Lunges

The workout is using a 3,6,9,12 protocol. That is 3 lateral plank drags, rest as little as possible, 6 shoulder sprinter squats, and so on. Since 3 out of the 4 drills have two sides you are doing a bit more work so it is 3 lateral plank drags each side to be clear.

After a round is complete you rest as long as you need to repeat the workout again (typically 60-90 seconds). The goal is to see how many rounds you can complete in 20 minutes and if you can go the full 20 minutes with proper form.

Of course we have to address the weights too and we didn’t want you to have too many different Ultimate Sandbags to try the challenge workout. This is what we came up with and Jessica will show you an example.

Women Novice

10 pounds (Core or Power USB) Plank Lateral Drags

40 pounds (Strength USB) Shoulder Sprinter Squats

40 pounds (Strength USB) Clean and Press

40 pounds (Strength USB) MAX Lunges

ultimate sandbag exercises

Women Expert

15 pounds (Core or Power USB)  Plank Lateral Drags

60 pounds (Strength USB) Shoulder Sprinter Squats

60 pounds (Strength USB) Clean and Press

60 pounds (Strength USB) MAX Lunge

Men Novice

20 pound (Core or Power USB) Plank Lateral Drags

60 pounds (Strength USB) Shoulder Sprinter Squat

60 pounds (Strength USB) Clean and Press

60 pounds (Strength USB) MAX Lunge

ultimate sandbag workouts

Men Expert

25 pound (Power USB) Plank Lateral Drags

80 pounds (Burly USB) Shoulder Sprinter Squat

80 pounds (Burly USB) Clean and Press

80 pounds (Burly USB) MAX Lunge

So, what is the incentive? Well, hopefully seeing just how you do is one, most should hit 3-4 rounds if they are working at the right level and following the keys Jessica explains. However, we wanted to do a bit more. If you film your weights and you going through the workout and send it to us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com we will send you a special coupon code for a discount we have NEVER done before as well as some FREE workout gifts. We would also love for you to share clips on Instagram and tag us as well as use the hashtags #dvrt #ultimatesandbag #dvrtstrong. There are two stipulations though. First, quality is key so if the technique is not great we won’t be able to give you the great offer as we believe quality over quantity and this is for YOUR good as it is for the challenge. Second, we require that minimum of 3 rounds be completed. We are running this all month so you can take your time building up the fitness to be able to accomplish the challenge which is REALLY the point of this whole idea.

Hopefully this is something fun, rewarding, and helps you learn a lot about how DVRT can help your functional fitness and achieve your goals no matter what they may be. We don’t want you just to be great at DVRT, we want you to be great at the things that are most important to you! Don’t forget that we are already offering our holiday sale which is 30% off everything at DVRT (live courses excluded) with code “holiday2020” HERE