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Are Screens & Assessments Worth It?

sandbag training

What motivated last week’s programming webinar (you can check out HERE) was the fact that we get asked SO much how do you program using functional training principles. We wanted to show that if you understood such principles it isn’t actually all that difficult and you have tons of freedom to create fun, effective, and thoughtful programs. Well, the second question we get the most (Jessica being a physical therapist probably gets even more than me) is “what is your favorite assessment or screen?” Instead of doing a webinar about this topic, we thought we could break down the answer in a little sit down between the two of us.

Today, Jessica and I answer a lot of things like…

-What’s the difference between a screen and assessment?

-Should you use either one?

-What does the information you obtain do for your programming?

-How a clinician and a fitness professional look and use the information differently.

-Are many tests being promoted actually specific skills or actually measuring the qualities we are interested in examining?


Hope you will check it out in the video below and if you want to just have the audio, you can grab that HERE

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