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Are Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Me?

sandbag training

A few years ago, renowned fitness coach, Alwyn Cosgrove came up to me and said, “Josh, you know what your problem is?!” Of course I have a laundry list of answers and please don’t ask Jessica to get started either! However, he said it was nothing on my lift, but rather, “when I watched your Ultimate Sandbag workouts you guys make the exercises look easy. I didn’t think they would be that hard or beneficial and then I almost fall over! Then I realized the impact of your Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but the trouble is you have to really FEEL them to appreciate them.”

I agree, that is why we go around the world trying to get people to FEEL the impact of Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Not just as far as another “cool” exercise, but as something that can really impact the quality of their fitness results!

sandbag workouts

We want people to know the why’s not JUST the how’s of Ultimate Sandbag workouts. 

The Overwhelmed Factor

I have been around fitness a long time! I started lifting with my brother, Greg, when I was 14! I also got pinned on the bench by that barbell that same time! I also went to my first fitness seminar when I was 16! I remember it being a National Strength & Conditioning seminar. To say I felt a bit overwhelmed is a huge understatement! Not only was I by far the youngest, I also had the least amount of education. What this experience taught me would become invaluable much later in my career. It taught me that the best information in the world can be lost if it is not communicated well. Now, was it the teacher’s fault that I didn’t have enough education to appreciate what they were saying? Of course not! It only motivated me to learn more so that I wouldn’t feel that way again.

While I am trying to make this parallel to Ultimate Sandbag workouts, I realize that there will be those that “just want the workouts” and those that want to see the greater depth of Ultimate Sandbag workouts. That is my greatest challenge, making sure we do both for all of you.

If I get too “geeky” about the science of Ultimate Sandbag workouts, I can definitely lose some of you that really want to get the benefit by doing. If I just show random exercises then we look like a giant infomercial, which is the LAST thing I ever want to do. The key is that Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be made for you. Whether that means adjusting to your fitness level, time allowed to train, space, or individual goals.

Starting Your Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

Step 1: What do you want to achieve with your Ultimate Sandbag workouts? Fat loss, muscle gain, high levels of strength, move better. Be specific, this will help us shape your Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Step 2: Get the right Ultimate Sandbag for your goals. I often tell people that Ultimate Sandbag workouts still adhere to good strength training principles. That means, if your goal is to get crazy strong, but you only have 10 and 20 pound weights, probably not going to happen. If your goal is to drop a lot of fat, but you only have a 400 pound barbell, going to be tough! So, which one is for you?

Starting Men: Strength Ultimate Sandbag

Starting Women: Power Ultimate Sandbag


What surprises most people is my answer to the question, “which Ultimate Sandbag do I get next?” I usually say, “the smaller one!” That means I recommend men grab a Power Ultimate Sandbag and women, the Core Ultimate Sandbag. Why? Because Ultimate Sandbag workouts build not only just weight, but complexity as well. That means we will have the Ultimate Sandbag moving in some unique patterns and loading on the body in different ways. In other words, you can just flat out do more with a smaller and large Ultimate Sandbag. You will be amazed with what you can accomplish with just two Ultimate Sandbags.

Ok, you have your goals set forth and the right tools, so what is the next step in creating your Ultimate Sandbag workouts? I recommend people start off with three day a week workouts. Each one of your Ultimate Sandbag workouts can begin with just 5 exercises. If you want to get comfortable with Ultimate Sandbag workouts you can actually use the same 5 exercises each time, with a different variation and program. How does this work? Let’s look at two different versions of Ultimate Sandbag workouts that could be in the same week.


You can see for these Ultimate Sandbag workouts took the same movements of squatting, cleaning and pressing, lunging, rowing, and core stability and changed some small aspects to make all new Ultimate Sandbag workouts. In order to give you more ideas, I am going to show you how DVRT Master Instructors to give you an idea of how great and simple that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be!

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