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Are We Hypocrites?

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Are We Being Hypocrites? 

Jessica Bento, MSPT

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I am not a big social media person, in fact, I am not the biggest on putting myself out there. Typically I’ll leave that to Josh, but for whatever reason he strong arms me into trying to do more. Even though I don’t post a lot or am very active in social media, I do look around and see what is going on. Kinda have to when our livelihood depends on it.

One of the things I understand the least though is the whole hashtag thing. I mean, I get it, but am I the only one that thinks it is super annoying? Oh and does it really do ANYTHING? Maybe it does but that isn’t why I bring it up.

When I think of all the hashtags and motivational posts I see from fitness professionals, the one that stands out to me is “no excuses!” Heck, there was some big controversy over a mom that posted a picture of herself saying this after her pregnancy.

It gets me thinking, what are “excuses” and what are REAL obstacles. I got to thinking as I have been a physical therapist for almost ten years, but let me tell you, that is a lot different than the past four years of dealing more with fitness.

I hear it all the time that things like having no time, not wanting to go to the gym, having a family are just “excuses” by the accounts of personal trainers. I think these are real and I think you can add a few more. Why though? Why are these not excuses? I think sometimes fitness professionals forget that most people don’t love to make themselves sore, so tired they have to crawl out of the gym, or don’t have the ability to live in the gym. This is real!

Most of the above “excuses” perceive to be real things to people are sometimes are code for other issues. I think fear is a big one! Fear that we aren’t going to be sore, but hurt! Fear that we may look stupid and reinforce to ourselves how badly we feel. Fear that we fail and that maybe we aren’t capable of the changes we want so bad!

I’ve been to many DVRT programs over the years and have enjoyed being in the background, but in front? Yikes!

I know this feeling, I know what being scared is like. For the past four years Josh has literally begged me to get on camera. I think he is crazy, but he thinks I have something to share and can relate to some people better. Either way, I am terrified of public speaking and to me, talking on camera IS public speaking. When I did my thesis and had to present it, I thought I was going to pass out! Yea, it is that bad.

Josh thinks I am overreacting because it comes easy to him. Sounds like what some people experience when they face going to the gym the first time, or getting back to serious training? The trainer usually thinks it is easy because they love it and it comes easy to them, for many it is the exact opposite and just making that first step is huge!

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That was the same for me, while being on camera demonstrating, writing some blog posts to me where HUGE, Josh often didn’t see them that way. He should! We need to acknowledge the small steps that are actually big ones even if we may not seem them as such. What can be excuses to one person may be reality to another!

That doesn’t mean we get a free pass though. I’ll admit it, it has taken me four years, but today I did my first teaching video. We did it in one take (even letting Levi make a special appearance) and to be honest, it was a blur. I hope it is good and helps some of you, but just as much as the goal of helping others was there, so was the goal of doing this for myself. This little victory outwardly is a HUGE victory to me and motivates me to try to overcome more of my fears. When I do I see what I am capable of really accomplishing and I hope you do the same.

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