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The Ultimate Sandbag Training That Makes a HUGE Difference

sandbag exercise equipment

It is a waste, if you don’t get a benefit from our Ultimate Sandbag Training then your investment isn’t worth anything right? We take the investment people make with us VERY seriously. That is why we don’t just throw random exercises at you (cough, cough, like some people) we base our training on good human movement and biomechanics.

However, you don’t need a degree in exercise science to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag work awesome for you. Some simple tips will go a long ways in ensuring your success.

We take great pride in the fact that we say all the time, “we don’t want you to buy an Ultimate Sandbag, we want you to use it and be rewarded!” The only way to do so though is by understanding the simple ways that you can make Ultimate Sandbag Training the powerhouse it can be.

So, watch the video below for some quick tips and then check out our Ultimate Sandbag Training workout today as we help you move closer to the holidays!

1. Read the Instructions and Watch the Ultimate Sandbag Training DVD – Have you ever tried putting together a kid’s dresser or in my case princess castle now image trying to put that together without instruction, IMPOSSIBLE!  The same stands true for you, Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t just dumping some sand into a bag. There is a lot work, sweat, love, and even better Ultimate Sandbag Training programs in your instruction. Read, use them more than once it will virtually guarantee that you and even more importantly your clients have a great Ultimate Sandbag Training experience.

This may sound silly, but we have so many FREE videos and tips on our blog, there is no excuse not to have a great result from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. After all, you don’t want to be like Ryan Reynolds!


2.  Load, Not OVERload – Your Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t and all you can eat buffet, don’t stuff it until it is spewing over.  Your Ultimate Sandbag is loadable not stuffable. The way you actually get the “alive” training effect that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can offer is by still allowing the load to shift and move, even if subtle. Remember it isn’t brick training, it is Ultimate Sandbag Training!

sandbag training

3.  Wrong Family Tree –  Don’t treat Ultimate Sandbag Training ‘like’ a barbell, they aren’t even cousins, don’t try to just apply: powerlifting, olympic lifting or crossfitting to your Ultimate Sandbag Training. If that is ALL you want to do stick to the barbell.  If doing a handful of barbell movements is what we intended with Ultimate Sandbag Training, we would cut off all the handles and make them weigh 300-400lbs.  There is a training system, which is part of why we put lots of purposeful handles on the USB. If you start following rule #1 you will find that your Ultimate Sandbag Training is far more versatile and space efficient than a barbell.

Sure, we get that some of the lifts look like they are from the same family. However, time and time again, people are shocked at how Ultimate Sandbag Training changes the lifts they THOUGHT they knew!

4.   Lunges are for Girls, NOT! –  If you can NOT lunge WELL you will miss so many unique benefits of the Ultimate Sandbag Training system, especially that really cool drill we use called the MAX Lunge.  Many of the lunge variations in Ultimate Sandbag Training alone justify its use. By the way did you know that when done correctly a lunge is hip hinge movement?

The Decade Workout is an oldie, but still one of my “go to” DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts because you accomplish so much in little time. 


5. Saturday Night Fever – One of the powers of the Ultimate Sandbag Training is learning to develop IN-weight room footwork with internal hip rotation accompanied by accelerating and decelerating load. Learning this skill with Ultimate Sandbag Training will open a whole new playbook of safe loaded movement that spans rehab to elite athletic development

sandbag training


6.  Money Talks and YOU Know What Walks – the final rule of Ultimate Sandbag Training club is that you must be a member.  How does one do that?  Well glad you asked: In our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications we ask would be instructors to be able clean to the fist and press/push-press.

Don’t worry, the standard isn’t the same for everyone. Guys that are 171 pounds and under? You get to use a 60 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag and need for 50 reps in 5 mins

Guys that are 171.5 to 210, you need to use 80 lbs (Burly USB) and get 40 reps in that 5 minutes. Don’t worry if you are a guy over 210 we have the sweet challenge of the 100lb (Burly), you are welcome!

Ladies we didn’t forget about you either! Women under 150 pounds we want to see you use an USB of 40 pounds (Strength) and get 50 reps in 5 minutes, women over 150 pounds need to use 60lbs (Strength) and get 40 reps in five minutes. Don’t worry it is completely normal for your Ultimate Sandbag to mock you when you miss reps on the clean.  The secret is accuracy/technique but of course nowadays that is highly underrated.

This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge isn’t just to brutalize you, but contains so many components we value. Technique, multiple movement patterns, power-endurance, problem solving, programming, and of course some good ole’ mental fortitude. If you want to see what is possible, check out DVRT Coach, Michelle Pickford of Envision Fitness nail the test with an 80 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag.

We want you to be successful! That is why we don’t want you to miss the chance to save 25% off all throughout our DVRT site AND get a special gift HERE