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Avoid These 3 Popular Strength Training Mistakes

sandbag fitness program

I believe if we want more people working out as well as allowing fitness be as accessible as possible then we have to help people see how strength training workouts can be powerful and not overly complicated. I find that people usually stop working out for one or a combo of the following reasons…



-Lack Of Progress

How can we give ourselves the best chances to avoid these issues and have strength training workouts make us better and achieve our goals? A good start is to avoid these three SUPER common strength training mistakes.

Too Much Exercise Redundancy

This one makes me crazy because it is SO easy to avoid. We know there are 7 foundational human movement patterns (you can see them below) and to have a strength training workout that hammers one or two over having balance just doesn’t make any sense. Not only does it stall progress, but makes one more prone to having overuse injury.

functional strength

Avoiding movement pattern redundancy is one thing, but redundancy can sneak up on us in other ways. For example, look at how many exercises in your strength training workout have you putting a weight overhead, in plank position, etc. If you had a workout of the following there would be an issue…


-Overhead Press

-Overhead Turkish Get-up

Yes, those technically can be seen as different movement patterns, but ALL 3 have the weight in the overhead position and can cause overuse issues in the shoulder.


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Coach Cory Cripe shows how to have great balance in a dynamic strength training workout

Too Much Of Just Conditioning Or Heavy Strength Training

For people who don’t have their job being working out, finding time to get all the important fitness qualities worked (stability, mobility, strength, endurance, and power) at once can seem like it would be really tough to accomplish. In actuality, it can be rather simple.

Focusing on just strength, or just conditioning tends to have people overtrained in a specific quality and not get the well rounded that 99% of people actually want to achieve.


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Not Having A Focused Warm-up

Warm-ups aren’t just about getting your body temperature up. In my very early years of coaching, working 10-12 sessions a day I would have my clients “warm-up” on the treadmill for 10 minutes or so just for a mental break myself. In truth, a focused warm-up helps get our body moving better, gets the nervous system coordinating better movement, muscles “remembering” how to coordinate with one another correctly all providing us great stability and mobility allowing our strength to be used more effectively.

A warm-up doesn’t have to eat up half your workout or most of your energy before you even start your main strength training. Cory Cripe gives a great example below.

If you were to avoid these 3 issues in strength training programs you would be surprised how much more effective and efficient your training would become. We have some ready made programs you can use today to see how we put it all together and all are 25% off with code “winter” HERE


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