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Avoiding Low Back Pain with Ultimate Sandbag Training

Can DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Helps Low Back Problems

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Pain, it is more than just hurting. Pain changes everything! It impacts your mood, your daily life, relationships, and takes away sometimes the most basic things in life.

I should know.

Tearing up both shoulders from competitive swimming changed my whole life. I had big dreams, I was on a path to being on the Olympic team. Pain and injuries changed all of that!

That is why having gone through such an emotional experience myself, I wanted to help others gain back what pain takes away from our lives. Yes, there is the physical pain, but what an injury can do to all the other aspects of our lives is what motivated to become a physical therapist.

women's sandbag exercisesMy intent to help others would very quickly be side tracked in my first year of interning. While moving a patient my back went! There was some thought that the twisting and hard push offs in swimming predisposed my spine to injury, but it really didn’t matter, I was horrible pain!

So bad was my back pain that I had a hard time sitting in class and had to re-think if this was going to be a career where I could make a real difference. After all, if I could barely function how could I help others?

It sucked, the pain didn’t go away but I had committed to going to school. I was working out, but obviously not the right way. Like many people, I was quite hesitant to really strength train and performed more cardio based workouts.

Funny enough, even with all my schooling in physical therapy, I was regulated to the same thoughts probably most of my patients experienced. Frustration, a bit of helplessness, and overall the hope that somehow magically the pain would just get better on its own.

About five years ago everything would change. I met Josh, no, exercise was not the driving force. We began dating, sure fitness and health helped establish some common interests, but training together?

I had expressed to Josh that I had always wanted someone to “train” me, but he was actually quite hesitant. I guess he told me that he had SOME bad experiences training with other girlfriends in the past. FINE! I really didn’t NEED him to train me, but I was intrigued by this Ultimate Sandbag Training “thing” he would mention.

I am hoping that it wasn’t my complaining about my back, rather his desire to help me as our relationship grew was more of his driving force, I hope.

We did begin training and it was unlike anything I had experienced in the past. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to some really cool programs in and out of school, but something about the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training that was just different. sandbag squat

The focus Josh placed on movement was unusual. Sure, we all are encouraging good technique, but Josh was looking for something different. Instead of training specific muscles he was using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises to focus on particular movement patterns.

I would have thought it was going to take some time to notice any difference, but the truth is that even the most subtle changes were very noticeable. For example, I would typically wake-up with significant pain in my back in the morning. It would actually take me a few minutes to really feel good enough to get out of bed!

In just a few weeks though I noticed something strange, the pain was pretty much gone! To be very honest, I was very surprised. I thought I would get a bit stronger and hopefully a bit leaner, but to notice pretty significant changes was even more motivating.

The next few months provided many more pleasant surprises. When I began training with Josh I couldn’t even body weight squat without pain. Now I was using his DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training squat variations and squatting with some pretty good weight!

Fast forward five years and I feel like a different person. I am not going to say that I NEVER feel my back, but what I can do, how I feel, is a whole new world for me. What I use to feel scared to try, I now have the confidence and both inner and outer strength to pursue the life I really wanted to have.

sandbag cleansWhen people ask me why I believe in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, they may think it is because Josh is my husband. Sure, who doesn’t want to believe in their spouse. To tell you the truth though, I am one of the biggest skeptics. If it weren’t what Josh showed me how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can change my life, I wouldn’t believe it had the potential to change others.

That is why more than anything I love being a part of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and hope to share with all of you the techniques, methods, and inspiration to do the same for yourself and loved ones!

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