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Bad Backs & Fitness For Life That’s Ultimate Sandbag Fitness

ultimate sandbag exercises

With Father’s Day yesterday I couldn’t help but think about the big, real, and important reasons we focus on training movement and the body as it does in life. The reality is that both functional training and bodybuilding can build impressive physiques, but the BIGGEST difference is how the real world strength that Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs deliver makes us feel and perform our best while looking darn good too!

sandbag fitness

That is helping our bodies do the things we want to do, especially enjoy time with our family. While I don’t have the typical human kids, our four rescue dogs are definitely like our families little ones. I can remember first coming home from my back surgeries and being devastated I couldn’t do the basic things.

I could hardly walk down the street with them, I couldn’t wrestle with them, I couldn’t help Jessica take care of them like I wanted/needed. Not only was it frustrating not to be able to do what I wanted, it was a feeling of helplessness that posed a very different and depressing emotion.

Even if you have never gone through a major surgery, so many times I hear people frustrated that they aren’t able to do what they once did in their lives. Of course many people simply chalk that up to getting older, but the reality is often we stop taking care of ourselves, accumulate aches/pains, and our free time gets more and more limited.

The reality is we can’t get away with as much as we get older, more stressed, and our bodies do change as we age. That means our workouts need to be even more focused, not less. I like to think that is one of the best things DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness workouts do. They help you understand how to more effectively and efficiently use your body.

Like this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness below. At first glance it could be hard to understand what I am doing, but pressing out the Ultimate Sandbag makes the important connection of the lats/core/and glutes. This is an important chain as it makes us move better and helps stabilize our spine. That is a BIG reason I went from not being able to SIT in this 90/90 position to being able to do these types of movements.

The other component is the lift/chop pattern moving from half kneeling to lunge. Combining these core strengthening elements we aren’t just giving our abs a “burn”, but we are teaching the muscles in this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness series how to stabilize the spine and the hips. The result? Your flexibility in your hips and shoulders improve while your trunk stability improves. In just 3-5 repetitions a side before you warm-up your movement is SOOO much better.

That is why sometimes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness is both corrective in one sense and helps with performance in another. In fact, using our Ultimate Sandbag is probably the BEST representation of what we really endure in real life. The unpredictability and instability of the things we lift and move in life.

This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness series by Ara Keshishian makes it easier to see how REAL our functional training with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness translates to real life and how to take your training to the next level!

Want to find out how we use the science of movement to make you look and perform better? Don’t miss our upcoming DVRT courses coming to New York HERE!