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Become More Powerful With Two Exercises

“That’s stupid!”

“I don’t believe in that!”

“That doesn’t work!”

These are some of the very common comments people make when we discover we aren’t good at something. I am a bit sick in the head, I admit it! While I am not happy to find that I am not good at something, I do realize the great significance it has in making me better! This is especially true because with our recent move I had to find a new “team”.

I’m a big believer in finding people that do good work in soft-tissue therapy, chiropractic, and yes, even doctors (gasp!). With our new move to Las Vegas I had to find all new people and one of the first was a chiropractor. Due to my numerous spinal issues, my good friend back in Phoenix did a great job of helping me keep healthy. So, that was high on the list.

As much as I tried though to do without, each wanted to do an x-ray of my spine (yea, like I didn’t know the mess it already was!). Begrudgingly I did it and I’m pretty sure that at this stage of my life I kinda glow in the dark. In any event, when we sat down to talk about my x-rays it was though he was telling me I had two weeks to live!

Yea, already had my neurologist freaked out so hearing about my spine was far from a surprise!


In all transparency, I DO appreciate his concern. My spine (outside of my surgeries) is horrific, arthritis, stenosis, self-fusing discs, it isn’t pretty. However, for being 40 and someone active I feel pretty darn good! I do attribute a lot of that on focusing on what my body needs and not just on what I like to do and what I am good at.

That’s why at our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training courses I try to explain to people when they find something challenging, that is a good thing! It means they have so much room to see improvement!! Of course two of those areas tend to be hip mobility and rotational power.

I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating. We need hip mobility not only to be powerful (power comes from the hips, not the torso) and to help our low backs to be more injury resilient.

If we want to be real world strong then we also need to know how to create rotation. Throwing, kicking, punching, etc, all require great amount of power. Creating such power without good hip mobility and stability is pretty much impossible. That is why so many people try to move through their low back.

Unfortunately, the solution for many people is they are put on these long, boring, and not all that result producing programs. For many, the issue is really one of creating core stability to help the mobility. Most of us are taught load only challenges us, however, load can teach us how to create stability for our body to move more efficiently.

That is something we spent A LOT of time doing a few weekends ago at our DVRT Restoration program at the renown, Results Fitness in California. Teaching our body how to stabilize the spine takes the breaks off the hips and the shoulders. Really, only a few drills you need to do to get the body to respond in a very positive way. It is actually pretty transformative.

If you want to find out how, check out how Strength Coach, Joel Gunterman, uses these concepts to help his hip mobility and core stability. Attaching an Ultimate Sandbag with our Core Strap allows some pretty innovative work to use tension to create better movement!

When you see how easy better movement and strength can be you get inspired to train more! At least that is how I feel and why I have such passion in sharing with you all why our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts work so well!

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