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Becoming a Real Fitness Professional

It is funny to think about all the things one has done in their life. Most will never know around 2000 I had my first ever website! Yea, crazy right? I had just graduated college and of course thought I was ready to become the ultimate fitness professional (that is how you think in your early 20’s right?!) At that time I had already been going to quite a few of continuing education programs outside of college. My head was quite large because I was already talking with and rubbing shoulders with some of the top names in the business. Instead of being humble and listening more than I probably should, I was ambitious and that first website (rawintensity.com, awesome name right?) was off an running. It was my goal to feature who I thought were amazing professionals.

That was about the time that I met Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove after following Charles Staley for some time. Alwyn and Rachel had really just gotten their Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA off the ground. I could tell though, these two just thought differently and I was intrigued. Quickly I wanted to get them on my site and since then Alwyn and Rachel have had a big influence of how I think and go about being a true fitness professional.

fitness professional

Alwyn and Rachel were one of our original supporters and the fact we can call them friends and mentors is one of our great joys. 

Fast forward almost 20 years (whew, we are all getting old!) fortunately my attitude has changed quite a bit. Instead of trying to be all about proving myself, I’m more about trying to help our industry as much as I can. It breaks my heart to meet all these passionate fitness professionals who want to make a difference with people but struggle to make it day to day. That is why I went back to my old friend Alwyn Cosgrove to ask if he could help.

During those 20 years Alwyn and Rachel haven’t just survived the fitness industry, but have become true leaders. From their Results Fitness gym year after year being named a top gym by Men’s Health magazine, to them being best-selling authors, and international speakers. Alwyn and Rachel have mentored what it means to be a fitness professional and successful coach and business person for over a decade.

Business isn’t always where the fitness professional wants to go, but it is almost impossible to help people if you can’t be in the biz! Alwyn sat down with me for an HOUR to go over how we can think differently to become a fitness professional that loves both what they can deliver to people and the lives they can create for themselves. You won’t want to miss this incredible information that Alwyn has to share. Even if business is not your passion, you will understand why and how it is an integral part in being a true fitness professional.

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