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Being A Smarter Fitness Business Pro

When I was finishing college, every Friday afternoon I would rush to our computer commons so that I could print off the new articles that were posted on my favorite training website. In the late ’90’s, internet magazines were just really getting off the ground. Buying actual magazines and books was still the dominant type of information that we were able to gather, but this new form of information sharing was really exciting! Instead of waiting a month for a magazine that was usually just marketing hype, or years for a good book to be published, we were getting great coaches sharing information on a weekly basis that we got for free!

I remember being so excited by this that one of the very first things I did was start my own magazine website around 2001! Okay, it wasn’t great, I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was my first introduction to doing internet marketing and things like creating content as well as just understanding the in’s and out’s of the internet. For many years after, I was going to programs that helped teach how to be successful in this new arena. When it came to fitness, this was an exciting and very new frontier.

I was speaking at one of the premier fitness internet conferences back in 2005 and guess what I was talking about.

I’ll be honest, over the next 20 years I made lots of mistakes! Fortunately, I was able to have far more successes and that is the reason now we are going strong in over 16 years of doing DVRT that was launched as an internet business. During all that time, so many people supported us that at this point in Jessica and my career, we really want to give back!

So, we thought something that would be fun to do are “Saturday Sit Downs”. These would be opportunities for Jessica and I just to talk to you guys about training, business, clients, you name it related to being successful in the fitness industry. For our first effort out of the blocks, we wanted to just discuss a topic that we think is all too common. That is people spending way too much on things like logos, websites, and other key items as well as COMPLETELY missed opportunities to make yourself appear like a top professional and have your potential and current clients see you with tremendous value.

We’ve created a strong international brand that has been going almost 17 years! Now we want to help others have success!

I hope you will watch this video and if you have questions you want to ask, or topics you want to see us address, feel free to drop them at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com. Next week we will have Jessica lead a conversation about mobility. How do you measure it, where do people go wrong, what do people misunderstand, and how can we make it more effective. As a physical therapist, Jessica has LOTS of information on this topic and dispels a lot of the misinformation that keeps popping up.

We hope you enjoy this discussion and most importantly find it very helpful!