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Best Ab Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

sandbag training

Last weekend I was in Vegas and while there is an opportunity here for me to discuss the tragic events, I have decided that because I have been so vocal about this on my social media pages, talking about my sadness and shock, raising funds with my son for the victims and generally wondering if I should tell the world where I am travelling too next as I seem to bring trouble with me wherever I go, I have decided to just focus on my positive experiences from the weekend.

Each year I travel to meet with other Master DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Trainers at our annual summit. It’s such an inspirational time for me as I mingle with some of the world’s finest fitness folks, sharing ideas and aligning myself with people who care about fitness as much as myself. Giving each other ideas on how to create not just better Ultimate Sandbag exercises but programs and education is something that always gets me pumped up!

sandbag exercises

It isn’t just about the awesome Ultimate Sandbag exercises that we talk about. Rather, how to make these powerful Ultimate Sandbag exercises more meaningful to people and how to communicate that message to others.

Inspired by this, my workout ended up today focusing on core exercises. Anybody who has followed me for long enough understands that ab crunches have no place in my repotoire. Not only are they known to have an adverse affect on lower back functioning, they also do not work the full core. That’s why I’m such a big believer in Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

It just isn’t about working the muscles, but training the body as it is designed to move in real life! That means not just looking better, but feeling better too! What a novel idea right?!

Since the core is MORE than just your abs, it is all the muscles of the trunk and pelvis, we need to use smarter, not just harder training. That is why I wanted to focus on these three Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Sure, you might THINK they look easy, but if you do them the way I show you, you will have a whole new respect of what simple looking Ultimate Sandbag exercises can do in delivering so much more power to your workouts.

sandbag exercises

If you love workouts like this that aim to not only make you look your best, but FEEL your best, check out my DVRT over 40 program HERE. If you aren’t 40 and think you can keep up with me I challenge you to check out the program too! Don’t let age keep you from reaching your goals!