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Best Burpees Workout Around?

sandbag training

It is interesting to see the how things in fitness go in cycles so fast. Sure, fitness has always had trends of different methods, tools, and exercises, but nowadays, it seems like it happens even faster.

I am sure a lot of it has to do with the internet and specifically social media, but man, it is still fascinating. Like burpees for example. Burpees have enjoyed both being a hero and villain at the same time. You have people that think the burpee is the best thing ever invented and others that say they are overrated and you have to be very careful with how you use them.

Like most things in life, really both groups are right! How in the world could that be? Well, like most exercises, burpees are a great exercise ASSUMING you have built the qualities of movement, strength, and stability that allow you to do it at a high level.


Not what we want to see our burpees turn into!

There are lots of things to like about the burpee like there is a plank, dynamic hip mobility and power, along with reactive strength and upper body work.

However, where burpees seems to really go south is when people just perform them to nauseating levels. People get SO tired doing rep after rep that the integrity of burpees are long gone. To that extent, it makes sense why some are cautious about the worshipping of burpees as it happens.

How can we have a bit of both worlds? Well DVRT Master, Paige Fleischmann, demonstrate a pretty cool Ultimate Sandbag burpee complex that isn’t just about doing more exercises, or even doing cool exercises. It is the fact that each of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises layer upon one another.

The bent row makes sure we own our hip hinge and plank while challenging both with the upper body movement of rowing. The high pull and clean are slightly different in that the high pull looks at developing power needed for a proper burpee AND deceleration. While the clean requires movement accuracy so if you are tired and getting sloppy you will know before you go too far in your burpee training.

You can see how smooth, efficient, and well executed her burpee looks which is a function of putting a lot of these DVRT concepts together. Lastly, the rotational press isn’t just a throw in, but a way to open up different planes of motion and reinforce proper stability and accuracy as most people when they get tired they lose both and this exercise exposes it!

Like all great exercises, burpees CAN be great, but only when you do them with purpose and precision that let your body reap the benefits!

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