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The Best Core & Hip Mobility Exercise

Man, 2017 is coming faaaasssst! We aren’t slowing down here at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training though. I wish we had little helpers to nail out some of the remaining projects, but our top DVRT staff is definitely on it as you can see!

Even though it would be easy to let the blogs fall off to New Year’s (eh, maybe some of you would enjoy that), I can’t help but keep sharing the stuff that gets us really excited!

A BIG part of that is teaching people how to move better quickly. I know, it doesn’t sound possible, but that is because too many times we still see the body as a bunch of randomly thrown together parts, rather the intricate system that it is.

Trust me, I have been through the process. One of my FIRST educational certifications was largely based around corrective exercise. As I have written in the past, this was as much to help myself overcome a lot of orthopedic issues as it was learning strategies for my clients.

After my first certification I was pumped (and a bit broke as it took almost everything I had at the time to pay for it!) and I was ready to change the world! What I had learned, I knew not too many other people were doing and I thought being so ahead of the game that I was going to dominate!

I started immediately with my clients and myself. Writing programs exactly as I had been taught. Finding what muscles were tight, which ones weren’t working, and creating a whole program to fix these issues. The warm-up usually took us at least 20 minutes because that is what had to be done to fix the body. The science that had been shared made sense, this HAD to be the right way.

About six weeks later, I noticed two interesting things. For myself, I was dedicated, I was FINALLY going to overcome some of my old injuries. I didn’t miss a workout, I did all my homework, I should be doing awesome!!! Well, I tested myself after six weeks. My body felt a bit better, not a lot, so I wanted to see maybe if I got all those muscles working I gotta be stronger. To my shock, I actually got weaker!!! Looking back I think I really know why (will explain in a minute).

Okay, that was me though, things take time and at least I was providing a level of service to my clients that was the best they could ever find right? I thought so until a client had a heart to heart with me one night.

She told me how much she appreciated the work I put into her workouts and programs. Yet, there was a BIG but….she hated them!!!! She told me how much she missed what we used to do and she couldn’t understand why we couldn’t do some of that “stuff”.

My gut reaction was to say, “well, because THIS is what you need so suck it up!” I almost said that, but I took a quick step back. Did she really need all that we were doing? Sure, I could find holes here and there, but was she SO badly off we couldn’t do some of the things that she actually enjoyed. The training that before I thought was pretty good?

Instead of letting my ego get in the way I told her I would take what she said into consideration. I did! I went back and really started to see if everything that we were doing was necessary and making her better or was I looking for problems that either weren’t really there, or could be fixed by other means?

That is really what almost 20 years of my life has been dedicated to, can we do it better and learning more about the body so we COULD find ways to make training better. Like today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training post.

I could count on one hand in the last 20 years the number of people that I have worked with that didn’t need better core and hip stability/mobility. That even means many of the fitness pros, athletes, and strength coaches that I have helped. Let’s say it is safe to say that MOST do!

Cool, so how do actually teach these concepts in a efficient, progressive, and challenging manner? We can use a DVRT Shinbox Get-up to help teach the core and hips how to work together to create better movement.

Why does this work so well? The hips and core are tightly interconnected. The pelvis and spine work together both to produce and resist motions that the body performs. So, it makes sense, that if you want to create better hip motion, you have to activate the core.

The other benefit of this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is that it takes the hips through a lot of ranges of motion. This not only is helpful in restoring mobility, but can help us identify specific ranges of motion that might be limiting movement.

Lastly, if you are already a fan of the turkish get-up, but find teaching it to clients a tough task. The DVRT Shinbox Get-up can be a great precursor to allowing your clients to establish better strength and movement before getting to the turkish get-up. Exercises like this is why DVRT Restoration is going to change how you look at movement and progressions.

We are ALMOST ready to release it, so if you want to be one of the FIRST and get a special discount on our launch of DVRT Restoration just sign-up at the link below. The special release will ONLY go to those that sign-up so don’t miss out on all the great information. You know we don’t spam, so don’t hesitate!


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