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Best Core Training From Ground Up!


sandbag training

Every time I get to teach our DVRT program I get inspired. That is seeing the light bulbs go off for fitness professionals in really getting what we are about teaching in DVRT truly gets me excited. Why? Because I know that is going to lead to them doing the ONE thing we are all about, helping people find their better! Of course it all starts with understanding and building core training.

What do I mean….of course?!

Core training gets a bad wrap in fitness, but it truly is EVERYTHING. While most people only think about core training as a way to get their abs to burn, it so much more than that! It is how we get you to press with greater strength while not hurting your shoulders. Core training is how we get you to squat more or lunge successfully all without hurting your knees. Basically, it is called “core” because it truly is the center of everything.

The challenging part is getting people to understand what core training really means. The fact is that core training isn’t just planks, carries, dead bugs and so forth. Core training is about HOW we engage the core into everything we do! It is understanding how our feet and hands are the center of building the connection of the outside world to our core. That properly using the hands and feet allow us to use our core in a way that really makes a difference!

Using body positions like half kneeling force us to be more active with our feet and learn how to resist movement. Such positions also teach us the foundations for other more complex exercises such as lunges. Below is from the recent Perform Better Summit where I taught why the feet are such an integral part of successful movements like lunges.

Your feet are an important part of your core, but they are part of the equation. Combining the feet and hands in a purposeful way is what transforms a movement from being a struggle into being successful. In fact, I love what trainer, Leetal Azran, shared in a recent post while learning our Press Out Squat progressions….

“Did you do your squats today? Front load with the Ultimate Sandbag, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Grabbing the floor with my feet, engaging my glutes and contracting my lats allowed me to go LOWER than EVER but also SAFE! try it”

The point of all this is to show you that core training isn’t something that you do some of the time, it isn’t something you do only on the ground, it isn’t something you do through just your “core circuit”. Rather, core training is something we use throughout everything we do. We do so because it makes us move better, it allows us to be stronger, and ultimately, it just makes us our best.

In order to demonstrate how versatile, purposeful, progressive, and sophisticated your core training can be, check out this great series that Jessica put together. You won’t ever think of your core as JUST your abs ever again!