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Best Deadlifts You Aren’t Using

ultimate sandbag exercises

When it comes to optimizing our training, we get MORE out of what we do when we realize what our goal should actually be. For example, when people think of the benefits of deadlifts they can think of…

-Building strength of our posterior chain (the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and lumber spine)

-Learning to produce more force with the hip hinge pattern.

-Greater core stability and glute development.

Ultimate Sandbag deadlift

Sounds about right no? So, why do we ever need anything other than very foundational deadlifts? The answer is because when we learn to move in more functional ways that we use in DVRT, we begin to actually train these qualities at a higher level!

When we move in different directions and have a weight that can be positioned in various ways, we actually train the muscles and chains of the body at a higher level!


Why don’t most people use these strategies if they are so effective? For one, we assume when the weight is higher we are actually building more strength. However, this isn’t really true as the late great Dr. Mel Siff points out, that depends on the environment we are producing strength in. When we use heavier weights we typically only move in very stable environments. It would be awesome if this automatically translated to deadlifts in more unstable or complex environments, but it doesn’t work that way.

ultimate sandbag training

Don’t get me wrong, we want to use heavier weights in our deadlifts, but when we move in more sophisticated ways of course some of the weight has to decrease because our body is being forced to stabilize and produce force at the same time!

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When we learn what functional training can offer us we the world of better training options becomes so much larger. That is why some of our DVRT deadlifts that Cari Satre shows helps inspire a new and better way of using the hip hinge and deadlifts in our programs.

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