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Ultimate Sandbag Training Glute Training

In 2018 training the butt is not a cheesy way to train! So much has been made of focusing on your backside as it can often lead to faster gains in your fitness, decrease back pain, and get you great functional strength. Not a hard sell right? But how does Ultimate Sandbag Training allow for something unique? We are going to explore and show you some great value to some of your classics as well as new ones.

The great old time strongmen of the past would use “picking weight up off the ground” as a means of measuring one’s strength, guess which muscles you use for such activities?! My point is whether you are someone wanting to look better in your clothes, improve some chronic low back pain, or be really strong, focusing on your backside is essential!

Some of the fitness community has jumped on this and you see far more deadlifts and cleans being performed than we did even just five years ago. However, most people often miss one of the best backside exercises, the single leg deadlift!

sandbag training

Why is the single leg deadlift (With Ultimate Sandbag Training version even better) such a great exercise? It literally is impossible to cheat such Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises like the single leg deadlift because of the instability of the implement. We can learn a ton about our weaknesses during this Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlift but make it so anyone can benefit from this awesome drill!

Why not just deadlift? While I know it sounds cooler to brag to friends about big weights, the fact of the matter is that most of these same individuals end up loading their low backs more than their glutes and hamstrings. How do I know? Ask these same people to do heavy or more complex Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlifts and watch how they dance all over the place. They lack stability, strength, and the ability to express  their strength outside of this very stable position.

Why isn’t the Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlift  more popular? Let’s face it, standing on one leg is not the easiest activity for most people, performing Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlifts are even more challenging. So the truth is most people can’t do it well!

sandbag training

Building a single leg deadlift can be built in many ways with DVRT

Great, a wonderful exercise that no one can do! That doesn’t sound productive, but in typical DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training style, we have the right progressions for YOU! Today’s Ultimate Sandbag Training video will break down the Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlift, but I want to list it out for you as well.

 Ultimate Sandbag Training Progressions

Step 1: leaning how to deadlift in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is important because it teaches us the foundations of the movement. Learning how to move with our hips and not the low back is critical during this period. Learning how to deadlift in Ultimate Sandbag Training is also very important for us to teach the role of the upper back. Round your upper back, lose your lower back!

Step 2: once we gain proficiency in the deadlift we use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to transition I to the Front Loaded Good Morning. Remember changing the placement of the USB plays a big role in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. The Front Loaded Good Morning places a lot of work in the backside of the body, but A LOT more work in the core and upper back. Here is where many people find they lack core strength they think they should possess. Lacking the right amount of core strength will be a very large limiting factor in progressing in Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlift.

Step 3: start working with both holding positions and move to using our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training staggered stance. This allows you to incrementally begin to to destabilize your body. Most people make the mistake of moving from a Ultimate Sandbag Training deadlift into an Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlift , BIG MISTAKE! This is where people often get frustrated by Ultimate Sandbag Training single leg deadlifts and then just go back to what they were doing.

Think this type of training doesn’t build functional strength? Check out pro athletes that work that are very strong in the “classic” movements, but obviously have room to improve. 

When we move into the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training staggered stance we now want to be conscious of several things. First, can we move the same when either leg is our primary working leg? Right here we can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training as a means of finding potential problems and get ahead of them. Second, do we shift to one side or the other? This may be more difficult to judge but we can use a wall to help guide us away. Most people are shocked at how amazingly effective just using the Deadlift and Front Loaded Good Morning with the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training staggered stance works for so many people in properly progressing them and building a strong foundation.

In fact, we can use the different positions to help tell the difference between problems with flexibility and those caused by poor stability. If you can perform the staggered (sprinter) deadlift but struggle With Front Loaded Good Morning we could see more of a stability than a flexibility issue. All of a sudden you see how DVRT ultimate Sandbag Training can be more customized. In part two we will continue to build on these progressions and probably shock yourself on how easy you can get to these more challenging exercises and have fun doing it!

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