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Best Exercises for Core Training & Glutes

sandbag exercises

Sometimes we have such great content we want to share it takes me a little time to update you on the cool stuff happening at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Like how INSANE last week’s Perform Better Summit in Providence was for us!

I was super grateful to be able to lecture and do hands-on this year to help people really understand what we are trying to achieve with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. This is especially great because there are still people (I know hard to believe) that don’t know that much about us.

The lecture to me has been an important part of sharing our ideas because you just get to hear it, I mean REALLY absorb the principles and concepts we are talking about in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I truly believe people are shocked at the fact we don’t talk about “sandbags” as much as we do training our natural movement via our Ultimate Sandbag. That when we break down the science it makes people wonder “why am I NOT training like this?!” After all, we know that you can use “sandbags” with incredible sophistication, purpose, and thoughtfulness, or you can just simply sling them around and call it training. Hopefully you know which one we prefer:)

sandbag training

As you can see by our attendance on our hands-on, people got SUPER pumped after really hearing the why’s and seeing how impactful it is to our movement! Plus, cute pictures of the dogs always seems to be a good bribe to people.

The concept I wanted people to understand was really two simple ones. First, that our body is connected and not just connected, but done so in very specific chains. Sometimes these chains are called “sling systems” and they help us move efficiently, with strength, and if they work right, be resilient to injury. However, if they are not connected, it is easy for them to simply fall apart and that is where we end up using many of the wrong muscles.

sandbag fitness

You’ve seen me post this picture a lot because I think it is helpful to see some of these chains in action. One of the easiest to really grasp and see an impact upon is what is called the Posterior Oblique Sling. That is basically one side of the glutes, core, and opposing lats. You see them in action in the bottom right when we do most every day activities like walking, running, jumping, etc. Yet, we rarely think about these connections and how they impact how we perform core training and glute strength. Funny enough it is making these connections that has HUGE impact upon how we move, how much strength we can use, and our reduction in injury.

Sadly, most people still don’t know about these sling systems and still think we are trying to just train muscles when it comes to the glutes and core training. Which wouldn’t be a horrible thing except it JUST doesn’t work as well! The differences we can get in how people perform almost seems like “magic” but it truly is just using what we know about the science of the body to train for real world core strength and glutes.

In order to really illustrate how the glutes and good core training are connected, DVRT Master, Daniel Jackowicz, has broken down how we use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to create these connections and how we build from the ground up!

Check out what REAL functional fitness for strong glutes and core training is and how you can dramatically change how people perform with this simple concept!

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