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The Best Secret for Great Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag exercise equipment

Yesterday’s post (you can read HERE) gave me the platform to discuss how the little things make such a big difference in training. Once you understand this unique edge that our Ultimate Sandbag workouts give you, you begin to realize there is far more to our DVRT system than most people think!

A great example is one of my favorite DVRT concepts that make Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but incredibly effective. The Bear Hug position. Now, I know I didn’t even the Bear Hug, but man, we use it in such a unique way to make people so much better.

The namesake tells you where we are going to place the weight but it doesn’t tell you the whole story of why or how we are create such great power with some a simple idea for our Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

The Bear Hug position is so powerful because it operates through some simple concepts that just flat out work! For one, the dimension and direction the Ultimate Sandbag runs on the body allows you to handle more weight which gives you the ability to create more tension and have the weight move in the right way.

sandbag workouts

Even hard core kettlebell coaches are surprised that the Bear Hug gets them in an even better position during lifts like the squat. 

Remember, tension is stability and stability is strength. When we create proper tension against the Ultimate Sandbag we get FULL body engagement. In fact, people like strength coach Dan John think it is one of the best positions you can train from to develop whole body strength.

“An alternate way to train anaconda strength – perhaps the best way to train it – is bag carries….The best training tool is to simply bear hug the load and walk away. You can quickly feel the odd breathing pattern that you need to walk and hug.”

sandbag workouts

Cincinnati Bengals Strength Coach, Chip Morton, uses Ultimate Sandbag Bear Hug walks for great development of athletes. 

Doing this for your Ultimate Sandbag workouts or adding it to your workout seems too easy. While Dan John talks about walking, the Bear Hug is perfect for Squats, Cleans, and so much more.

Because the Bear Hug puts you in a very upright position, you don’t have the same level of risks to your low back. Plus, you can build better mobility and due to the holding position you work so many of the postural muscles.


If you have never done Ultimate Sandbag workouts with serious Bear Hug work here are a few ideas below.

Simple, but not easy, the Ultimate Sandbag workout above can be for time, or distance. It allows you to focus on these key movement concepts and develop crazy full body strength.

Ultimate Sandbag workouts that include complexes are a very powerful way to build strength and conditioning at once. You can work in reps of 5 or less. No excuses not to get an amazing workout!