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The Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercise?

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I don’t think any of us can really grow unless we admit what we can do better. One of the MANY things I think I could become better at is really explaining how a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise that LOOK similar to other things can be profoundly different.

A great example of such a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise is the snatch. Oddly, for an exercise I LOVE, I find that I don’t do a very good job talking about it. It might be a bit because I find it made overly complicated. That in the world of DVRT, the snatch is just another holding position of load.

That doesn’t make it any less valuable, in fact, the snatch is an incredibly valuable holding position of load because it is a chance to work one one’s plank (the pulling of the weight back requires you to use your core more), opens your shoulders, and gives you feedback upon your upper body flexibility. Of course, you also need more power and strength to get the weight overhead.

The actual action of our DVRT snatch is somewhat a hybrid of a kettlebell and a barbell.

sandbag snatch

The beauty of this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise is really three things. The first that because unlike ANY other tool, our hands are far away from the actual weight, the pull of the Ultimate Sandbag makes the snatch just feel heavier, but requires us to accelerate soooo much longer!

That feeds into our second point that we often see true triple extension in this Ultimate Sandbag exercise. Why is that important? When we want to jump high or run fast, we require triple extension (ankles, knees, and hips). While most think that is only possible with a barbell you see DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, doing so when he goes to snatch a heavy Ultimate Sandbag.

Of course this brings up one of the BIGGEST differences too with the Ultimate Sandbag snatch is the changing size of the Ultimate Sandbag as we go heavier. That makes the weight more unstable and brings in higher demands of the core, power, shoulder stability/mobility.

When people say they can’t snatch an Ultimate Sandbag because it gets on their head, that is a sign they don’t have good upper body flexibility and core stability to get in the right position. Something we then need to work upon.

Lastly, my favorite part is how we can add so much movement with the DVRT snatch like we do with any Ultimate Sandbag exercise. In fact, to break down how we can have some pretty awesome progressions, DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn (Creator of the DVRT Obstacle Course Program), shows how we can layer such a powerful movement. You probably won’t see the snatch the same way again!

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