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The Best Upper Body Sandbag Training Exercise

sandbag workouts

When I think about what I want our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to really accomplish I do think of things like looking better, being more powerful, and able to do some really cool stuff! Then I think honestly how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has impacted my own and Jessica’s life and it comes back to the most simple things. Making our lives better!

For many of us, we do want to look better and feel stronger. However, we want those things so they improve our daily life, not just so we can be a rock star in the gym only! That is why the REAL secret of achieving your fitness goals goes back to really understanding the often deeper motivation of a goal.

That is why I fell in love how DVRT Master, Cory M. Cripe, broke down not just his new favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training but he gave it much deeper purpose. After all, it isn’t hard to go on the internet and find the next really “cool” looking exercise. Often when people send me such drills and go, “isn’t this great?” I ask, “what are you trying to accomplish?”

sandbag training

People like DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese, train for a lot of different reasons but none more important than being strong for their families. 

Of course many people feel that makes me raining on their parade, down playing their excitement to something that got them all pumped up. Let’s face it though, we have crazy lives, all of us! Do you REALLY need to be spending time on things that aren’t the BEST for your real fitness goals?

For Cory this largely means being an awesome Dad to his three kids. Running a busy business and trying to be a good family man isn’t always an easy combination. His training HAS to look for the most effective ways of working out. In fact, it is this desire that allowed him to develop a really cool DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training along with his coaching partner, Anthony Dix.

When you watch this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training really listen to what Cory is talking about. This isn’t about giving you a novel or “cool” new exercise, rather giving you greater purpose to your workouts sot hat you don’t just workout, you get REAL results!

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