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Best Way To Help Knees, Glutes, Core, & Even Shoulders All At Once

sandbag workout

When people ask me, “what is the BEST exercise” for this or that, the truth is that is an impossible question. For one, it depends on what is really causing the issue. You can have knee, low back, or shoulder issues that are caused by VERY different problems that may have to be addressed in their own specific ways. 

However, if I can point to a concept that can be incredibly powerful and address a lot of the chronic issues surrounding the knees, low back, shoulders, while also improving the core and glutes that would be really cool right? That is what our MAX (multiple axis) concept actually does. 


One of the ideas that got me most excited about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was being able to use a weight in ways that we just didn’t have before. Now, before I go ahead and explain, l also know we live in an age where people tell you that you can use whatever tool for an exercise. Not only is this inaccurate, but it can cause issues and in this case, using other tools for the MAX exercises I am going to show can actually result in knee, low back, and even shoulder problems. So, please, if you are going to do the following drills use the Ultimate Sandbag for them. 

I promise, you won’t regret it and it only enhances the effectiveness. 


Well, let’s start off with the benefits of using our MAX drills for knees, glutes, low backs, and more. Our body is designed to work in a series of diagonal chains that allow us to move most efficiently and effectively. We make complex movements that we take for granted (like walking, running, etc.) look simple. It is ONLY through this very important connection of these diagonal chains can we move in such ways and do so in a metabolically efficient manner. 

Using the MAX drills actually highlights the need of these chains to function well and together. They also allow us to train strength and stability at the same time. Often we think these are separate qualities, but in order to move in life or sport, we have to possess the combination of both. In resisting the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag and still producing force, we have an optimal balance of stability and strength. 

hip mobility

We also have to appreciate that the because the MAX movements require us to produce stability and strength in all 3 planes of motion, we actually greatly increase the number of muscles we use. So, when you combine all these elements and realize how the feet, hips, core, and upper body have to work synergistically, you have a pretty amazing drill that can be used for a host of different fitness goals. Whether you are trying to do post-rehab of knees, low backs, or shoulders, you want to increase the power and resilience of an athlete, or stimulate more muscles like those in your legs, glutes, and core. 

The MAX drills can be used in many different ways so let’s look at a few key strategies…

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Using the Front Loaded position as coach Greg Perlaki shows is a great way to introduce these concepts especially in patterns like lunges.


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The MAX position can help knees and build better glutes in powerful drills like step-ups.

MAX drills can be used in any hip hinge and make single leg deadlifts an even more effective way to train the hamstrings, glutes, core, and even the shoulders as strength coach, Martin Adame shows.


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We can combine movement patterns and adding power to the movements which also greatly increase the stability demands as Cory Cripe shows below.


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