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Better Periodization For General Fitness

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Periodization is a big word used in the strength training world. At a very basic level, it simply refers to planning. Planning of what? The goal and why periodization came about was from Olympic coaches (predominately in Easter European countries) that realized if they planned the training of an Olympic athlete correctly, they could “peak” at the time of their events. Peaking of course referred to being able to perform at the highest levels. It is a great idea, but like most things, periodization has evolved in the decades since it was popularized (around the 1960’s) and we have many different periodization models in which we can work from, this would vary on the level of the athlete, are they Olympic, high school, college, or professional, because this would largely impact the training of the athletes. However, most people aren’t working with athletes and even many athletes don’t need very complicated periodization models.

Instead of making this a classic long Josh blog post about periodization, I thought I would try something new. I thought maybe a video presentation of me breaking down the considerations of how to use periodization better for general fitness. When you really think about how we have better opportunities to use smarter concepts in our periodization models, you will never want to go back to too much else! If you guys actually want an example of how we can periodize many of our DVRT workouts, let me know by emailing us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com and we will come up with a post addressing it specifically. Till then, I hope this really helps you think about periodization in better ways.

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