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Beyond Core Exercises

Beyond Core Exercises-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It is like someone taking their finger nails and running them down a chalkboard for me.

Ugh, it just sends chills up my back when people say it!

“A tool is just a tool, it doesn’t matter what you use.”

Can you imagine?!

What if the general contractor working on your house, the surgeon performing your surgery, the computer programmer working on your business’ website, all had this same attitude. You would probably be horrified!

I know what you are thinking though, “Josh, it is just fitness, stop being so dramatic!”

You are right, fitness should be fun and diverse and I am not telling you NOT to use different training implements. However, I am trying to help you not become one of these types.

-The person that trains really hard but gets almost no results!

-The person that keeps getting injured by their workout because they don’t know how things are impacting their body.

-The person who keeps spending tons of money on equipment because they think THIS piece of equipment is going to solve their lack of results.

If none of these things are meaningful to you then by all means you don’t have to listen to what I say. Chances are you can see some of yourself in one or more of these situations. How do I know? I have been there myself!

When I created DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training in 2005 I really didn’t know what it could do. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think it radically change how I saw training, it wasn’t field tested enough yet!

I did know that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training wasn’t barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell training, but I didn’t know WHAT it could do. Fast forward eight years and how my perception of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has changed so dramatically!

Not that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t an awesome way to burn calories, lose fat, and get in great shape, but it goes much deeper.

Last week when working with the Milwaukee Fire Department in implementing our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program, I showed a few DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training moves that were corrective as well.

What is corrective exercise? Honestly, many fitness professionals are not sure. However, we can think of corrective exercise as specific movements that are meant to address issues that can impact our health and performance.

Like what? I know most of my life that I thought I had tight hamstrings. No matter how much I stretched, if I did yoga or any other program that was suppose to improve my hamstring flexibility every day was like ground hog’s day. My hamstrings were always tight the next day!

Another Way DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Goes Beyond Fitness

I just began to assume this was genetic and how my body was, isn’t that what we all do when we don’t know the answer, or don’t want to admit to the answer?

A lot of that changed though when I become familiar with Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen a few years ago. Gray’s system shows how when our body isn’t working to its natural potential it begins to develop all sorts of compensation patterns.

One concept that really stood out to me is how the body always tries to protect itself. How so? Let’s look at those tight hamstrings of mine. I learned that due to my back injury that my core really wasn’t functioning right. After one or two moves that were to stimulate my core, all of a sudden my hamstrings moved better!

Without getting too technical, think of it this way…your core is your foundation. If the core of the body is not working right then the rest of the body tries to compensate and sometimes protect. By getting the core to work just right (yes, we can define the core later) my hamstrings got the ok to release and move like they should.

How does DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training work with this situation? One of the exercises that I started to see have this profound impact on just about everyone was our kneeling Around the World drill.

dDVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Master Instructor, Mitch Hauschildt and I began using this exercise to replicate a popular physical therapy drills, lifts and chops. However, what Coach Hauschildt did was show me something very special. Not only does our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training kneeling Around the World actually work both lifts and chops at the same time, we get extra core work due to the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag around the body. Add in amazing flexibility/mobility work for the upper body (especially shoulders) and you get a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise that is like nothing else!

Want to become a believer?

Today’s video takes you through a series of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training core drills that all are beyond any type of normal “core exercise”. See how you feel and move after doing these drills, remember, only a few repetitions are necessary in seeing the impact of these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills.

Watch out for Coach Hauschildt’s new DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training corrective course coming in the near future.

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