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Beyond Strength

Getting Strong Beyond the Gym-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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After being in the fitness industry for 20 years I have learned some very valuable lessons about people. Many would think fitness is JUST about reps, sets, exercises, and such. Really fitness is a lot to do about the people that perform it. Their motivation, their likes and dislikes, and what they REALLY want to get out of fitness.

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Coach, Robert Dos Remedios, has long preached the value of athleticism in his programs for athletes

Since I started lifting weights as a means to prepare for basketball, I always saw fitness as more than just how you looked. I wanted to feel a certain way, I wanted to perform at the highest level. Looks were a nice side benefit, but hanging around athletes a lot there were always people leaner, more muscular than me so it didn’t feel like a huge perk:)

Now that my playing days are loooong behind me, I am conscious of how I look, but I still focus on how I feel. There is something really empowering by feeling like you can move, you are strong beyond the gym, and you can do things things that many of your friends say they could do but only “back in the day”.

At first, I thought training for health and fitness just meant getting a good sweat and burning some calories. It only took a few years after my athletic days that I missed that feeling. It is somewhat of a hard to describe sense. That deeper knowledge of feeling that you get when you do play sports. Being agile, coordinated, and confident in what your body can do! That is when I train, I don’t just focus on lifting. I think about how can I lift and move, how can I keep my mobility and feel strong not just up and down, but anyway, any time.

It became really evident as we taught more and more of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications that some really strong people were coming, but finding that their strength was failing them. Some were embarrassed that they had been lifting for so many years, but struggled with some fundamental movements. We never want people to feel bad about where they are at, so you must understand this just shows you something important. We have room to get A LOT better, which to me is exciting!

I remember this being reinforced to me when we did our first DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certification in San Jose. We were hosted by a well known group of MMA coaches. I was shocked at how they were definitely fit and could definitely move, but also lacked the ability to apply those skills outside of what they had trained specifically.

Getting them out of their comfort zone definitely exposed some holes that you can

These guys know how to move and to get strong beyond just up and down movements!

find in many high level athletes. However, unlike most of guys that quickly dismiss anything we are not good at, they actually were very excited!

Instead of being embarrassed by what they were not good at, they saw an opportunity to gain an edge. If they were successful now, imagine what they could do if they filled in those holes of strength and agility. That only gets me more excited about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can do for such a wide array of people.

It got me thinking though in an even bigger picture. What if we could build athleticism, strength, and agility all at once? You see most fitness programs are making people LESS fit! I know, bold statement to make, but instead of learning to move in more different ways, instead of building strength in a multitude of postures and directions, we are winding down to one or two movements.

Trust me, if there is anything that is prone to extremes it is fitness! I am not suggesting that you perform a million exercises, but at the same time I am asking you to explore what movement and strength is beyond a few selected exercises.

What spoke to these MMA coaches was that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training reminded them of what old time wrestlers were all about. Why these guys seems so ridiculously strong and possessed amazing endurance, because they were willing to train their strength and fitness anyway possible.

Working with these guys definitely opened up some greater new ideas!

We wanted to take that idea and update it with what we now know about how to make people stronger, more fit, and agile. That is why when we went back to San Jose for a second time I knew we had to put our heads together. I wanted to share with YOU these ideas in a way that would allow you to experience these benefits.

Our new Fighting Fitness program does just that. Shot at Dark Horse Gym in San Jose, we created some really amazing new DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training programs.

Do you get stronger? Yes!

Do you become ore fit? Yes!

Do you find yourself feeling and moving differently than you have ever experienced? Yes!

More importantly, do you really start to understand that fitness isn’t about just a best fitness sandbaggood sweat. It is not just about the weights you lift, but that almost indescribable feeling of knowing that your body can do anything at any time. That is why I know when you try our new Fighting Fitness program you will feel and see something so different.

As our goal for 2014, we want to make our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts and programs so accessible, we are offering this new program for just $19.99. See how these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts can transform how you see fitness HERE

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