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Big 3 Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Functional Fitness

sandbag training

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master (Creator of DVRT Movement Strength Program)

sandbag exercises

I am so excited with the release of my newest DVRT program, Movement Strength. and got to thinking (it sometimes happens) … over 100 exercises to choose from, what would be my Top 3 “Bang for Your Buck” Ultimate Sandbag exercises from this program?

sandbag workouts

These Top 3 Ultimate Sandbag exercises I have chosen is not because it’s going to burn the most calories and have you experience “the burn,” but I am convinced they are going to help you become a better mover and shaker outside the four walls of what you may call your gym. And when you become more proficient with these movements you will notice

#1 Ultimate Sandbag Exercises: Shoulder Staggered Stance Squat

I never realized how practical staggered stance squats were and how much I was doing them (outside of the gym) until I had children! And even if you don’t have kids, I bet you’ve been doing them without realizing. Have you ever dropped anything and while holding onto something with your other arm – purse, grocery bag, 4-year old curly haired girl – had to lower yourself to pick up the dropped item?

sandbag exercises

I’m going to say you most likely had a staggered stance and did the best squat you could without falling over! Now, what if you were to train this everyday movement so the next time you were forced by life to get into your staggered stance squat you would have the confidence, balance, and strength to do it and make it look easy?

sandbag exercises

You’re welcome!

#2 Ultimate Sandbag Exercises:  And maybe it’s because I’m a morning person … 
Front Loaded Good Morning

No, it’s a lot more than my morning preference! Your hip hinge is so important in life and when done correctly it will save your lower back. However, when performed not-so-well … hello low back soreness/pain!

Being a former “gym rat” I would do this exercise with a barbell on my shoulders so the load was behind me. This was always uncomfortable and I felt unsure of my hip hinge which probably means I wasn’t doing it correctly. I was trying to survive the exercise not thrive from the movement!

sandbag exercises

Enter my one of my favorite Ultimate Sandbag exercises and placing the load in front of my body as opposed to behind made all the difference! Not only do I notice my hip hinge is stronger for other hip-dominant movements (deadlifts, power cleans, etc), but my upper back and especially abs get lit up like a Christmas Tree in December when doing these types of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises! And if you have yourself a Core Strap … HOLY COW!

#3 Ultimate Sandbag Exercises: Modified Side Plank ISO Pull with Clamshell

I never gave the side planks much credit in the past, but that was before I was introduced to the side planks with the Ultimate Sandbags.

What once seemed like an ab-toning exercise for the ladies has become a go-to for me and everyone I train to fire up the body’s natural cross-patterning and allow them to resist lateral forces to better prepare them for life’s activities, for example carrying things or holding on to 4-year old curly haired girls while doing a staggered stance squat!

sandbag exercises

Being able to tie in this cross chains in your body (right-side lat to left-side glute, for example) not only creates a stronger and more stable core, but makes you a better human being #science!

These types of articles are important to me because I think so many times people just look at a lot of what everyone in the industry is doing as just more “stuff”. They get into debates about who is right or wrong, rather than the goal we REALLY should have and like I have personally experienced using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises. How to find BETTER!

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