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Blast Your Lower Body with One Simple Move!

Blast Your Lower Body with One Simple Move!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Ask anyone, if you want to build real world strength what should you do? Well, if they know anything chances are they are going to say squats and/or deadlifts. That makes sense doesn’t it? 

I can’t really argue that point (you surprised?;), yet, I just have a question, which type? 

Where DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gets really misunderstood is we are  not telling people that they shouldn’t squat or deadlift, or do many of the classic gym exercises. Rather, we want to expand people’s minds that there are A LOT of ways to perform these movements and methods of excelling in your fitness beyond just looking to go heavier! 

Let’s look at how just changing plane of motion changes EVERYTHING in your training. You may not know it, but there are three planes of motion. Most everyday movements use all three (like walking), but most gym exercises use just one. The one that gets prioritized is the sagittal plane. Now, nothing wrong with using these drills, in fact, they should be your foundation. 

STOPPING there is the issue! Research has taught us that the muscles we use and the way we use them alters depending how we move and the direction in which we move. In fact, leading scientists like, Dr. Stuart McGill, have prioritized frontal plane motion as a true measure of functional core stability and strength. 

Why don’t more people do it? The truth is that most don’t know how to progress it as it can be a big leap for some. In today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series we are going to show you how use the Valslide can be a great addition to your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training by layering more progressions to your training. 

What you will feel is a big boost in your strength and fitness training, plus, you will open up a whole new world of super powerful exercises. Try it out!