Loaded Carry Cardio

Moderate Training.

Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (Fit Foodie Mama) Isn’t it funny that sometimes the things that we do the most often and really tend to work for us are the things that we tend to share least? It’s that way for me with most things in my life including the way that eat and even the… Read more »

Save Your Squat!!!

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Two things that I was amazed by this week of fitness! Ironically the both had to do with squatting. Trying to explain to you that squats are good for you is about as useful as explaining so are vegetables. So, what got my attention? One that really threw me for a loop was a coach… Read more »

Are YOU Serious About Strength?!

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I have it as the equivalent as “you are Mr. Poopy Pants!” That is when people that have never used DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training try to say we aren’t SERIOUS about strength training! Yea, they look at the loads of our Ultimate Sandbags and think, “that CAN NOT get you strong!!” The loads of our… Read more »

Saving Your Low Back and Get Strong!

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Last year I made a startling discovery for myself. I mean, I was a bit embarrassed as a fitness professional for over 20 years I hadn’t really “gotten it” until now. I fell in line with so many others in the industry and focusing on the mass obesity epidemic we have. You can’t argue that… Read more »

Functional Training IS Strength Training


It probably is the BIGGEST concern of people when they hear the idea of “functional training”. The fact that while what they are doing is good for their body, it won’t build muscle or make them look better. Heck, some “experts” even argue that functional training won’t get you stronger than what you normally would… Read more »

What Muscles Does This Work?!

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist It is understandable, in fact, I think it is one of the BIG reasons that a lot of people like the idea of functional training, but tend to default back to many bodybuilding strategies. I understand because my mom was an aerobics instructor at the local gym in the 80’s so… Read more »

The Real Movement Solution

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   It is the BIGGEST thing we have done in quite some time. I don’t say such a thing casually or to hype up something. DVRT Restoration is a project we have been working on for over a year! Why so long? First and foremost is because this is NOT just… Read more »

The Best Shoulder Exercise For Bad Shoulders

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Best Shoulder Exercise for Bad Shoulders I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it…”I can’t do that, I got bad shoulders!” It doesn’t matter if it is DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training or any exercise that requires their shoulders to move well. People have already decided they can’t, but we always say they will…. Read more »

The Most Important Exercise

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It is rare, I don’t believe any ONE exercise can be all that high and mighty. However, after going through my personal experience with injuries, treating so many people for a variety of theirs, and doing some serious research, THIS ONE might fit that requirement. Ironically, it might be the least sexy exercise you could… Read more »