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Body Armor Resiliency Workout

I was going to do it yesterday, but I was so darn excited about our new Body Armor program that I just wanted to share it with you all! 

Why? Why was I excited about this program? Because people keep asking me, almost like it is a secret. 

“Shhh, Josh how did you recover so fast?” 


It isn’t a secret, it was a plan. It was about looking at how the body works and create workouts that address restoring natural movement. 

However, why people asked me was more intriguing because the truth is I know most people have the challenging goal. They want to get in great shape, but then they are hit with a hard injury. Something that derails them and they start back at square one. That is because they tried to copy some super Bulgarian world champion secret special forces fitness program, rather than looking at human movement. 


Of course I know such a program sounds so much sexier, but that is where the genius of DVRT Master, Troy Anderson came into play. A few months ago I was speaking with him about my plan for a comprehensive program that would address the needs people really have. However, I was struggling with a way to really communicate our goal. 

That’s when he said it, “it is like building body armor. Something that is strong, flexible, and can endure.” Dang Troy is good! That is what I love what this Body Armor program represents. Best of all, I finally get to show you how other functional fitness tools really work together so well in DVRT to deliver something synergistic. Not just something you do here or there, but a thought out program where one enhances the other. 

To prove it to you, which I am always about, I wanted to give you a Body Armor style workout. Try it for four rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between. Use it as a circuit and feel the impact of building Body Armor. 

-Front Loaded MAX Lunge to Balance x 8-10 reps

-Rotational Kettlebell Press x 6-8

-Ultimate Sandbag Training Lateral Step Around the World x 8-10

-Kettlebell Renegade Row x 5-7

-Leg Threading Burpee x 10-12


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