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Broken Athlete to Successful Fitness Pro

What inspires me most is what people actually achieve with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Sure, there are cool exercises and awesome workouts, but at the end of the day, what REALLY matters is how it impacts you. That is why in our effort to show you how time and time again DVRT is not just changing fitness, but the people in fitness, we got another great interview. 

I wanted to share the great story of Sean Lettero. It is always motivating to meet young coaches that are driven to be great. Sean is a great example of just this!

Q: Sean, can you tell us how you go into fitness?

SL: As a kid i grew up traveling the country as a competitive tennis player so I was always in the weight room and completely fell in love with fitness at a young age. At age 19, I suffered a torn labrum and rotator cuff in my shoulder that ended my ability to play at a high level. Fortunately, during my rehab process I really began to study fitness and knew it was the career I wanted to pursue. 

Q: How did you find DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and why did it interest you?

SL: I found DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training through my mentor, Doug Sheppard. The biggest thing that caught my interest is that I have never seen any kind of stability training that seemed functional to me. The Ultimate Sandbags are awesome and they are my favorite tool to workout with but the DVRT system was very eye opening for me and I needed to learn more.

Q: How has learning the DVRT system helped you as a coach?

SL: Using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training  has completely taken my career to the next level. what DVRT has really benefited me in most is simply teaching people how to move better and increase core stability in all planes of motion. Most of my clients came to me with many mobility restrictions and using DVRT concepts has drastically changed their ability to move more efficiently no matter what plane of motion they are going through.

Q: Why would recommend others check out DVRT and how do you currently implement it?

SL: I recommend people to DVRT because it will drastically improve every aspect of their fitness and they will have a great time doing it! I implement it with all of my clients especially ones who seem to have limited mobility and poor core stability. I believe those are the two biggest areas that will improve in any ones fitness level that uses the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system. 


Sean’s shoulders don’t seem to be much of an issue anymore!

Q: What are some of your goals as a coach and where you are taking DVRT in your own training and that of your clients?

SL: My biggest goal with my training has always been gaining as much knowledge as possible so i can give my clients everything they could possibly need and help educate other fitness professionals. I am very passionate about DVRT and I want to teach people about it every chance I get! Since I have implemented DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Trainingin my own training i can say that I am stronger, more stable, and more mobile then i have ever been!

I was the typical guy who only worked out in the sagittal plane and needless to say I had zero lateral strength and my ability to rotate was terrible. Using the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system has really made me appreciate strength and stability in all 3 planes of motion and becoming truly real world strong!

My favorite part though is that there are endless progressions so you just keep getting better!

Q: How can people get a hold of you if they want more information on your coaching?

SL: People can get a hold of me by email ( slettero2@yahoo.com) or by going to janddfitness.com