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Building Better Movement with Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

sandbag exercises

It is so cool that we are expanding DVRT all over the world. After recently doing courses in Japan, Taiwan, and Germany, we are brining DVRT to more countries. In order to bring DVRT to new places, some of our colleagues have asked me to describe what makes our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises different to help people understand we don’t do “sandbags”. That our system of functional movement is most important.

I hope if nothing else is obvious about what we do with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises it is that everything we do has a very specific purpose. That includes developing great tools that work with our Ultimate Sandbag exercises like our Core Strap, ARES Sled, and our DVRT Water Bags. Last week when I shared how our DVRT Water Bags were inspired by our work with the military (you can read HERE), you can see that we are always looking to provide more solutions to people’s fitness goals.

While most people think the idea of using a water filled implement is JUST to make our Ultimate Sandbag exercises more difficult, that really isn’t solving a need. The reality is that using our DVRT Water Bags is a great way to add a progression to challenging movement accuracy. People love to say their training is “functional”, but they miss concepts of functional training like….





That is what I mean in saying that our DVRT Water Bags are designed to challenge movement accuracy. Yes, we still have load, but the water moving gives us immediate feedback upon when we lose some of the key principles of a movement. Such as creating tension into the ground, pulling the handles apart, or just being slightly off. DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, shows the impact of DVRT Water Bags or Ultimate Sandbag exercises like our MAX lunge which is a great example of a DVRT exercise to do with the Water Bags.

Having the DVRT Water Bags provide more reactive strength against our movement integrates more muscles and gives us more feedback upon the quality of our movement. Making an exercise harder, just for the sake of being more difficult doesn’t always mean better! Being purposeful with how we are challenging a movement can be a whole new world of strength and fitness!

It doesn’t have to be crazy either. As I have written about in the past, one of my favorite ways of using the Water Bags is just doing our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises in the shoulder position. By holding the weight in the shoulder position you have the water moving back and forth giving us a challenge not to just move up and down, but resisting the push and pull of the water. A great example of such a challenge is what DVRT Master, Larisa Lotz puts together in this DVRT sequence.

Not only is this drill challenging, but we build lateral core and glute strength, we learn how to engage the ground with the feet, and we build mobility and stability in the hips. We can train hard and smart at the same time! The same can be said with some of my favorite drills like this version of our Ultimate Sandbag MAX Lunge.

And while we can’t press from the fists with our Water Bags, we can take advantage of what the Arc Press offers in teaching tension, stability, and proper body integration. It can foundational like this Arc Press drill were we teach so much about the core and lats….

We can go more dynamic but like this frontal plane complex….

The point though is how we use purpose with every movement. It is easy to fall into the trap of seeing something “cool” and wanting to go run and do those exercises. However, that is short lived, the way to build real long term success is to keep purpose at the corner stone of whatever we do!

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