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Building Ultimate Sandbag Workout Strength Flows & Complexes

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Flows and complexes have always been a central part of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. The ability to not only be time efficient in building total body workouts, we can also teach important concepts about being able to move efficiently, develop reactive stability/strength, as well as realizing that we often don’t just perform one movement pattern when we perform in life.

sandbag cleans

However, most people think that flows don’t fit when our focus is strength. While our flows and complexes may look differently, we don’t also have to get stuck into the same old, same old that we see with tools like a barbell. When we move to heavier and larger Ultimate Sandbags, we should start with good foundations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build to more complex Ultimate Sandbag workout flows as you will see today.

Start With A Strong Foundation

Using relatively simple Ultimate Sandbag workout complexes like the one above not only helps us make sure we own good foundational movement skills, but helps us get acclimated to the unique feel of our heavier Ultimate Sandbags. It is amazing how this complex can be tougher than most people think and definitely can be a whole workout.

Ultimate Sandbag workout complexes like the one above takes the concepts of a clean, squat, and press and applies more DVRT concepts to progress this series. Since the Arc Press is going to be the movement we base our loading off of, it makes sense that we perform it first when we are most fresh. As we fatigue we not only get to movements that our body can still manage, but we use holding positions (in the case of the squat the Bear Hug position) to make this Ultimate Sandbag workout not just challenging, but well thought out.

The same thoughtfulness should also follow suit when we use DVRT flows for our Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. You see as I am using this Burly flow, I am keeping each movement balanced by changing some aspect. Moving into a rotational row to clean to fist loaded drop lunge and half kneeling press keeps the flow from having any one part of the movement being overwhelming and another being not stressed enough. Using the simple concepts of…

-Body position

-Load position

-Planes of motion

Allows us to not only be time efficient with our training, not only able to train the whole body, but to do so with the thoughtfulness and consideration we would use in creating any Ultimate Sandbag workout. It isn’t just about training hard, but also training smart!

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