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Bullseye to Your Fitness Goals

Bullseye to Your Fitness Goals-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, Alpha Kettlebell

10x Your DVRT Clean & Press with 2 Simple Techniques

One of the most acclaimed movies in 2014 was American Sniper. In the movie Bradley Cooper
(playing Chris Kyle, The Legend) as he’s going thru his preparation to make a 2,000+ yd shot says:

“Aim Small, Miss Small”

While I’d heard of this sniper credo before the context of how and under which circumstance
Bradley Cooper delivers these words is very resounding.

What it resonates to me is just how important Accuracy is.

It doesn’t take much skill to lob a grenade a  few yards to shoot at precision rifle 2000+ yes that is legendary accuracy.

While not of the same importance or status of defending American fighting men and women.

I can make a similar parallel into the fitness world.

To be honest there aren’t a lot of folks in the fitness and performance sector talking about accuracy.

It is just not… Sexy …. Badass …. or Hardcore….enough…

Any ‘ol person can grab bar and:

“grip and rip”


“ ground to shoulders”

But as we here at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training have seen hundreds if not thousands of times it takes accuracy to land 100+ lb Ultimate Sandbag on the 12 sq inches of your fist.

This simple act has brought many a good man tears of frustration and anger, because they didn’t standup to the accuracy test.

Many to such a great degree that they’re egos were relegated to go back to lobbing the equivalent of fitness grenades, trap bar deadlifts and and crappy power cleans.

So what do we poor DVRT-ites do when our mere up 165lb Burly Ultimate Sandbag has run out of bilateral mileage.

ultimate sandbag training

<< Like that has ever happened, NO seriously no one has ever ‘out-stronged’ the Burly in the
DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system, ever…>>

I mean eventually you’ll get too strong for 165lbs, right…?

Well if that does happen and/or you have some gapping holes in you movements patterns.

We can always default to implement DVRT principles:

Accuracy: pretty well explain already though it seems as though we are the only ones concerned in any degree more than the obligatory “make sure you have good form”

Body Position: The Bullseye WOD will be implement and more important you’ll be experience the Sprinter Stance body position.

So what it is the Bullseye WOD all about well let’s get into that.

It’s a spin off a challenge ‘the boss’ aka, Jessica Bento, posted in the DVRT fitness group
(highly recommend free resource by the way)

Of course I had to put a little evil spin on it for your using pleasure.

Bullseye Ultimate Sandbag Training WOD

Sprinter Stance Clean and Press x Ladder 1-10 ( each side)
Sprinter Stance Squat x Ladder 10 – 1( each side)

** Penalty ** any time you miss a clean or the bag falls off your fist, it is a 1 burpee penalty, every subsequent time it happens you add an additional burpee.

+ Use an Ultimate Sandbag that is challenging yet you can be accurate with! This WOD can eventually be done for time but I’d recommend a couple ‘dry runs’ first

<<Bonus Technique >>
If you are someone working on getting up to speed on the DVRT Clean & Press test this
would be a really great practice WOD.

If you are squatting a lot your clean and press almost can help but get better.

Throw in cleaning up accuracy issues and body position power production and integrity
of movement and you’ll have a winner.

I get it 100, 120, or 165lbs isn’t near as kickassy to get the ‘ol social media roaring
with applause.

I say forget the applause it is about as valuable as the pixels that it is printed on and just as fleeting too.

Train for accuracy and you’ll reap the rewards that few have the humility pursue; and your body
applaud your mental fortitude with well rounded strength and precision performance.