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How These Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Make You Crazy Strong

My Friend Burly Ultimate Sandbag Exercises, You Bad, Bad, Barbell.

sandbag exercises

by Troy Anderson

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. You may have heard of my friend. You may have even ‘shake’n’ his hand . You probably even have a  stereotype of who/what he is. He is NOT a ‘flashy’ person, as a matter of fact he is probably the most humble person I know.  He usually just sits in the corner, watching, and listening. He is unique, yet not OVERLY complex. My friend’s name is Burly. More specifically the Burly version of Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

Now before you tune out and get on your high horse with:

“Girls can use that weight” 

“You can’t get strong with Ultimate Sandbag Training, aka max strength makes everything better it blah, blah, blah…”  

Let me tell you a little tell you a few more facts about my friend Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training

  • You won’t see any of the ‘cute’ , high speed or complex metabolic stuff with ‘ Burly Ultimate Sandbag exercises’, he’s just too damn big for that!
  • Yes he can only be filled up to a 155lbs, I dare you to.
  • There’s a difference between weight & load we’ll get into that in just a second.
  • He’s reliable designed for STRENGTH & conditioning, with handles in all the RIGHT places and made of the most durable material available.
  • He’s accessible you want to do power go for it, you want O-lift variations get after it,  you want do strongman or odd object training no problem you badass mofo.
  • He’s cost effective compared to a barbell & load of similar size he is 1/3 of the cost
  • He’s BIG enough
    • In 5+ years I have NEVER run a cross a man or woman that NEED more ‘IN’ him
    • As a matter of fact I’ve only ever seen 2 VERY strong men snatch him with an appreciable load
  • He’s more than just some new Ultimate Sandbag exercises.
      • He is corrective
      • He is strength
      • He is power
      • He is endurance
      • Not all at once but he can be all of these to the right person at the right time.

I am simple kid from the farm, aside from a few years in the city I have been ‘training’ with ‘friends’ like Burly Ultimate Sandbag my entire life.

To me training with Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training is like your favorite old pick-up truck, your best  dog, or a favorite pair of Levi’s.  It’s normal and ‘comfortable’ in it’s on special way.  The special way that says we’ve got a JOB to do and we WILL get it done.

 sandbag exercises

It might not be the sexy, shiny piston pumped machines or colorful weights, and  you definitely won’t be able brag  to your internet friends about  training with ‘Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training’, because it  won’t make sense to them.

But you know who it will make sense to, YOU?

This is the problem lots of folks are used to ‘working out’ in those fancy  gyms in LA or  New York City. They’re so caught up in how cool their ‘toys’ are or the ‘numbers’ they can brag, er… ‘status update’ about they’ll probably never be able to understand the difference between weight and load.

Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training is Bigger then a number on the scale sounds similar to when we talk about body composition doesn’t? You will know, the moment you pick up  Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training for a simple set of deadlifts you will KNOW there is a difference, you won’t be able to verbalize or put an exact definition to it but you will FEEL IT.

It’s different, unexpected, but totally valuable.

The best way I can describe it is there is a damn big difference between power cleaning a 200lb barbell and a 200lb calf. I’ve done both, it’s different, unexpected,  valuable, and a little bit fun. So my question to you is:  What’s not to love about my friend Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training.

  • He’s Big enough
  • He’s Does enough
  • He’s Badass enough
  • He’s Valuable enough

While he might be a little hard to comprehend; I humbly think you ought to let Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training be your friend too, don’t make him sit in the corner and ignore him. Let him come out and SHOW you what he can do for you.

He can be your New Badass Barbell if you just trust in him and give him a chance.

I promise my friend Burly Ultimate Sandbag Training will  get the JOB done.

Try these Ultimate Sandbag exercises with the Burly and see how your perception of real world strength training changes! Save 25% on our Burly Ultimate Sandbag and all Ultimate Sandbag sizes HERE with coupon code “strong”