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Can’t Beat Fat Burning of Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

When a lot of people think of fat burning or getting leaner they simply think of workouts that just make them feel worked. The truth is that people really have no idea if what they are doing is better than anything else or even right for them. The beauty of Ultimate Sandbag workouts I have found is that even at a base level, just working in the different holding positions changes even the most common place exercises and elevates them to new heights.

Recently I was having a discussion with Rob Gentile who owns Scottsdale School of Strength. Rob has a great facility and recently has been implementing our Ultimate Sandbag workouts into his programs. Now, if you meet Rob, he is not some novice fitness trainer. Rob has been around fitness for a long time and looks as though he should be playing linebacker for an NFL team.

Rob was telling me how he was comparing Ultimate Sandbag Training to some of the barbell work he had traditionally performed. We were talking about how simply using the holding positions of Ultimate Sandbag Training really jacks up a workout.

sandbag workouts

We are grateful that for over a decade we have helped military, law enforcement, and fire departments achieve a well rounded functional fitness though Ultimate Sandbag workouts

His exercise of choice today was a Front Loaded walking lunge. Of course you can perform walking lunges with a host of implements, but the different positions in which you can hold the Ultimate Sandbag makes it quite unique. Rob was telling me that on average he would see his heart rate jump 10% from using a barbell. Oh, by the way, it wasn’t a barbell of equivalent weight, it was a barbell that was about 40 pounds heavier than the Ultimate Sandbag!

sandbag workouts

Don’t let the simple look of Front Loaded Lunges make you think they aren’t an immense power booster!

It is one thing to hear someone’s great results, but it was another to see the Ultimate Sandbag workouts in action. As Rob went back to perform another set of his Front Loaded lunges I watched in amazement as his heart rate climbed and climbed! Eventually he was working well over 90% of his maximal heart rate and actually even hit 98%!

I can really appreciate this because I am no longer able to run or jump due to some old sports injuries. Even some cardio equipment aggravates these injuries due to their repetitive nature. However, Ultimate Sandbag Training programs give me an opportunity to hit that same intensity people hit in really intense running or metabolic programs, but I can keep my body healthy and improve on some of the injuries that linger from years of athletics.

Back to Rob though, it was cool to see he “got it”. He could have used a heavier weight in the barbell, but as he told me “why do that when I get a better result this way and I REALLY feel my abs!” Kinda makes you wonder why there are people that are just that stubborn. One thing I have learned though, you can’t change everyone. That is ok though, my goal is to help those that want the results they have always wanted, but didn’t think were possible. That is why we will continue to post Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts like the one above that shows how with a minimal investment in equipment you have almost endless options in your fitness programs.

Ultimate Sandbag workouts like DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn demonstrates shows you how little changes can yield giant results!

When we show you so many different ways to challenge your body with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts, it isn’t just to give you more “stuff” to do, but to give you BETTER drills to maximize your training in less time! With so many people experiencing the same benefits Rob noticed, it makes me wonder why you would do anything else?

Check out the old school DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout that Jessica and I take you through below. You will notice just two Ultimate Sandbags can challenge you for an entire workout! Don’t miss adding to your Ultimate Sandbag gym with saving 25% with coupon code “strong” HERE