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Can You Have It All In Fitness?

Jordan Ponder, DVRT Master (fd-pt.com)



“I can’t keep doing this…” “This isn’t fun anymore…” “This isn’t healthy…” 

These were the thoughts that were racing in my mind after the Midwest Muscle Classic Bodybuilding Open in 2010. After a 2 year hiatus for the birth of my daughter, I was unhappy with how my 22 week preparation finished. I dieted down from 270lbs using traditional training methods all while hoping to become the best version of myself. This was not what happened. This was not the outcome. I reflected on the long and miserable dieting process. I reflected on my poor mobility. I reflected on the discomfort of being that big. Looking into the future offseason I didn’t want to get that way again. I knew… something had to change.


Big and Strong or Small and Agile?

This was clearly a crossroads. Was I going to be big and strong or small and agile? These seemed to be the only options for me. On the one hand, bodybuilding is the single greatest artistic means of expression for me. It is not a sport. It is not a competition. It is an outlet for sharing so much of myself. But it was obvious that my methods had to change, even so much so that I might end my bodybuilding career. How was I going to walk away from this? How was I going to throw away years of training and a lifetime of dreaming to feel and move well? It was within this impasse that I discovered I didn’t have to decide between being big and strong or small and agile. It was then that I learned about the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system and that they were the best of both worlds!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training: The Best of Both Worlds!

I can clearly remember getting my hands on the Ultimate Sandbag at BJ Gaddour’s then gym, ‘FITNESS ASYLUM.’ Feeling the weight of the bag, the shifting of the sand and experiencing the countless movements and progression within this system, were immediately humbling and inspiring. This was a system of training that encouraged strength, power, endurance, mobility and stability in a way that would be tremendously beneficial to me as a bodybuilder! I didn’t have to choose anymore. I could be big, strong AND agile. By bring these two seemingly contradictory worlds of fitness together, the DVRT system has changed my life! 


The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system are staples in my training. It has yielded greater outcomes than traditional fat loss training methods within a fraction of the time. Not only does it yield greater results, but training with the Ultimate Sandbag is so much more enjoyable. With countless means of implementation, it has taught me better ways to move that have benefited me in numerous ways. The DVRT system and The Ultimate Sandbag are the perfect complement to bodybuilding by encouraging total body integration, promoting neurological adaptations reducing plateaus and addressing strength leaks that weight training can’t correct alone. 


The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system have changed me as a bodybuilder. I have earned my professional card with the WNBF, participated in competitions throughout the country and changed my mindset to developing quality movement in a way that elicits true strength. As I prepare for my next professional bodybuilding competition, I look back to that critical moment when I thought I had to choose between being big and strong or small and agile. Thankfully I don’t have to. Thankfully, I can have both. Thankfully, the DVRT system and The Ultimate Sandbag areTHE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!