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Can’t Miss Exercises | Ultimate Sandbag Training

Why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Has Can’t Miss Exercises

When it comes down to it, people need to know. They need to know how is this different, how is this better, why should they spend time working towards what you believe so deeply in!

If I had to boil down DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to three movements it is actually really easy. By understanding and more importantly, USING these three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills, your thoughts about fitness will change forever.

sandbag workoutBig promises, so what are they? In our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications we work towards three drills, Clean and Press, Shoulder Squat, and Rotational Lunge. In the upcoming blog posts I am going to share with you WHY these are different from what you think and how DVRT puts a completely unique spin on them.

Today I want to address one of my favorites, the Rotational Lunge. I think a lot of people love this drill because it is obviously very unique from a lot of other exercises out there. The uniqueness is great, but I think it far more powerful than that!

The Corrective, Corrective Ultimate Sandbag Training

Huh? What I love about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system so much is that if you follow the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training SYSTEM, training becomes a performance session, a fat loss workout, a strength building program, and a corrective exercise system all at once. Sounds like a lofty promise, but I believe this for good reason.

fitness sandbag

The Rotational Lunge goes a long way in helping athletes and non-athletes alike.

Strength Coach, Robert Dos Remedios, has used the Rotational Lunge to help prevent ACL injuries in his female athletes. Why DVRT Master Instructor, Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, has seen a very different benefit from Rotational Lunges…..

“I’ve found the rotational lunge to have a great carryover into many other lifts. Though I certainly use the rotational lunge as a stand alone movement, I’ve used it to improve my students with their deadlifts, squats and Turkish Get Ups. Learning to build that anti-rotational stability and strength creates a strong foundation for other movements.”

If we take Coach Holiner’s comments a step further, we look at how the Rotational Lunge fixes actually a popular “corrective drill”, the Turkish Get-up. The fact that the Rotational Lunge can help improve even one of the most beloved functional drills says a lot! It makes the Rotational Lunge a corrective exercise of a corrective exercise. Cooler than that, you still feel like you are actually training!

Let’s face it, one of the big detractors of corrective exercise is that it can feel quite boring compared to more of the dynamic drills. No problem here!

Destroy Your Treadmill

I’ve long written about the amazing fat burning effects of the Rotational Lunge. Compared to so many other exercises (sprinting and kettlebell swings to be specific) the Rotational Lunge seems to always come out on top! Why?

sandbag workoutAs DVRT Master Instructor, Danny “Two Guns” Jackowicz “…the Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Rotation Lunge allows for a dynamic movement that we can safely go fast with and load up. Also, unlike many other exercises, the USB Rotation Lunge uses all three planes of motion (front/back, side/side and transverse/rotational) lighting up movement patterns, directions and muscles we don’t train often enough which is of course, great for burning fat.

One aspect independent to the Ultimate Sandbag in this exercise is that since we are using sand, the weight isnt static/staying still so we always have to be “on” in order to stabilize the shifting weight, which is another great aspect for fat loss. Bonus is that it is one of the best ab/oblique/love handle exercises that is actually good for your spine and lower back.”

Of course the key is to find the right level of the Rotational Lunge for your current fitness level. That again, is what I love about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training so much! You have so many different levels so no matter where you are starting, you can experience the incredible power of these drills. Watch the video above to get some amazing Rotational Lunge ideas that you can put to your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training right away!

Want to see more programs and progressions? Don’t miss out on our special DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training membership program HERE.

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