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Cause It Replaced Dumbbells

Cause It Replaced Dumbbells-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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My mouth pretty much dropped. When the head of this new Marine fitness program told me that the reason we were out there to do a training was because they were replacing dumbbells with our Ultimate Sandbags, I was pretty much shocked!

Not because I couldn’t see why, but because someone really had the guts to do it! Not just someone, but the Marines!

I know it may seem that I write here and make some claims that can sound big, but I do so because I know it is the truth. 

I know the Ultimate Sandbag is more versatile, more effective, and actually takes up less space than a bunch of dumbbells. So, why am I surprised?

People can get stuck in tradition and what is familiar pretty easily. Heck, I remember being a kid and going to Blockbuster to get a movie to watch with the family. Now, I just go to an app and download one on this thing called an IPad, crazy!

My point is that things do change and evolve. Why do we not go to movie rental stores any more? Because they became obsolete. They couldn’t evolve with technology and when something better came along, they disappeared. 

One of the biggest movies this year was “Guardians of the Galaxy”. In the movie, Chris Pratt’s character is very attached to something we could think as almost ancient today. A Walkman! When was the last time you saw such a thing?! Now people listen to music on their phones. What?!

There are those that will hold onto some ideals though that things were better, “back in the day.” Of course, human nature has a tendency to romanticize such things. It is like going through a break up. When we see the end of a relationship, many times after a few weeks or even months we look back and think, “man, it really wasn’t bad, I had it pretty good!” Then we do it, right? We take a stab at the relationship again. Dinner, maybe lunch, we meet up with our ex and then it hits us in the face in the first five minutes. “NOW I remember why we broke up!” Yea, been there. 

Fitness is a lot like all of this. It is like the end of movie rental stores, Walkmans, and that break-up. We want to hold onto things even though we know in our heart of hearts they aren’t as good. Contrary to popular belief, not everything has its place. Heck, my experience with the Marines the last two days taught me that lesson! 

I am not all talk though. With DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we have a promise. A promise to you that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training will truly revolutionize your fitness if you use it and follow our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system. So much so, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you don’t like DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, you can return our program. That is standing behind what we believe! 

military fitness sandbag training

So my question to you is are you really going to make a change this time? Are you going to be strong enough to be willing to leave the familiar behind? If so, I promise you that you are going to be in for one of the most fun, life changing, and challenging experiences of your life. If so, you are ready for DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training! Start your journey with 20% off with coupon code “train” HERE now!